Your Weekly Tarot Reading: August 19 – 25

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: August 19 - 25

The Power of Tarot

This week begins with the end of Mercury retrograde on Sunday, and a full moon without an eclipse (finally) on Saturday. I’m consulting Liz Dean’s “Ultimate Guide to Tarot” for this weekly tarot reading.

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Day (XX Judgment; Pluto): Today, it’s time to come to a decision about the past. Great changes and opportunities are on the horizon, but before you decide which way to go, you need to address certain past issues. Judgment also predicts a spiritual awakening, as you feel called to explore your potential. Love shifts into a new phase too. There may also be a need for reconciliation if you deem the relationship worthwhile. Wisdom Message: Look back with pleasure.

Evening (III The Empress; Venus): The gifts of The Empress are abundance, material comfort, sensuality, security, and emotional support. Your needs will be met. At home, there may be renovations and improvements too. You may work on your fall garden, for example. In relationships, there is happiness or it’s a good time to begin a relationship. In career, money flows. Wisdom Message: Life is abundant, according to your weekly tarot reading.


Day (Queen of Wands; Pisces and Aries): The Queen of Wands is an aspect of The Empress—or mother archetype. She is the soul aspect of the mother, and she manifests her ideas to follow her soul’s path. As a person, this Queen represents the artisan, entrepreneur, counselor, organizer or leader. As an influence, ideas flourish, and you can now show others what you can do. Therefore, fire up your enthusiasm and express yourself. Your relationships are also energized now. It’s about creativity and focus.

Evening (Six of Wands [Reversed]; Jupiter in Leo): Unfortunately, when the Six of Wands is reversed, the reward you have hoped for doesn’t materialize when you need it to. However, it’s a delay rather than a cancellation, according to your weekly tarot reading. In the meantime, hold fast to your goals. This can also indicate being let down by others. Just try not to take these disappointments to heart. This card can also indicate pride, or an arrogant, self-important person.


Day (VIII Strength; Leo the Lion): Today, Strength shows that you turn to your higher self for self-guidance. She also demonstrates a strength of character under pressure. Now you need courage and determination. At home, there’s a need to support and direct those with strong opinions. You may need to be the mediator, according to your weekly tarot reading. In relationships, there is a need for balance. There are tensions at work, but resolution comes gently and without force. Wisdom Message: With strength, you can discover your higher purpose.

Evening (XIII Death [Reversed]; Scorpio the Scorpion): Death brings endings and beginnings—sometimes all at once. This is a time of fast and deep transformation and an opportunity to let go of whatever you no longer need. When reversed, Death has about the same meaning as in the upright position, but your reaction is the difference. Therefore, you may feel anxious and stressed rather than accepting of the change. Wisdom Message: Swift change brings new beginnings.


Day (Eight of Wands; Mercury in Sagittarius): The Eight of Wands brings lots of communication, so you may be inundated with calls and offers. All your projects grow wings, moving swiftly forward. Just prepare for the shift. In relationships, today can bring great news about love. Have you been separated from or waiting to hear from a potential partner? You may be traveling soon to see him/her, according to your weekly tarot reading. Another quality is perspective and insight. Thankfully, that’s just what is needed to deal with this Eight’s fast and varied demands.

Evening (XVII The Star [Reversed]; Aquarius the Water Carrier): In the reversed position, The Star can mean giving up too easily in projects and experiencing a creative block. You may be too attached to a fantasy scenario (After all, starlight is bewitching.) while overlooking the details. Or, you may feel lulled into a false sense of security in a venture that has no foundation and little chance of success. An additional meaning is the feeling of loneliness, without the support you need. Wisdom Message: Be inspired because dreams come true.


Day (Two of Swords [Reversed]; Moon in Libra): According to Ms. Dean, the appearance of the Two of Swords indicates a time to think and a possible stalemate. When reversed, the traditional meaning of the Two of Swords is deception and being blind to someone’s manipulation. The card applies to partnerships—love, friendships, and business too. If you feel someone is being dishonest, pay attention and investigate in order to get to the heart of the matter. There is an opportunity here to act, and the message is not to delay.

Evening (Queen of Swords; Virgo and Libra): The Queen of Swords is a woman in charge. She is highly ambitious. Like her sign of Libra, she can quickly assess all aspects of a situation to get to the truth. That includes the underlying psychological motivation when it comes to another’s attitudes and actions. Traditionally, this card is known as The Widow, but in general, it’s a single woman or a woman who has to make her own way in the world. It can also represent single parents. Wisdom Message: Have determination and stand strong.


Day (II The High Priestess; The Moon): Hidden knowledge, intuition, psychic experience, and significant dreams are the gifts of The High Priestess. This is a time for incubation and privacy, according to your weekly tarot reading. Go inward. Deepen your relationship with your higher self and trust your internal knowing. The High Priestess’ appearance today is a sign to follow your intuition and connect with your guides. Wisdom Message: Explore your spiritual side.

Evening (IX The Hermit; Virgo the Virgin): Tonight brings an opportunity to take time away from your routine to consider your options or advance a personal project. This card can show you enjoying solitude, and you need space to process your thoughts and feelings. The Hermit can also show a physical journey, but more commonly, he represents a state of mind in which you wisely withdraw and keep your own counsel. Wisdom Message: Live quietly for a time.


Day (XII The Hanged Man; Neptune): Today, things are not moving fast, but all you can do is wait patiently in the knowledge that the universe has its own plan. You may have made some sacrifices just now and are eager to see rewards. Yet, you cannot force an outcome that fits with your timetable. You can also expect delays with travel plans and projects. The Hanged Man’s message is that it’s a time for incubation. Your project needs time to evolve. Now you have the time to develop perspective on your work and ambitions. Wisdom Message: Use your time wisely.

Evening (X The Wheel of Fortune; Jupiter): Tonight, anything is possible and usually positive. Chance meetings, unexpected offers, and news arrive with force. If life has been difficult recently, The Wheel shows a turn for the better, according to your weekly tarot reading. With The Wheel, your intuitive powers heighten, and you may find yourself tuning in to people from the past—who magically reappear. The Wheel also reveals psychic intuition and a chance to discover your shadow side. Wisdom Message: Surrender to fate.

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