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Pisces and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility:  Pisces and Cancer

When Pisces and Cancer make a match, it’s the meeting of two intuitive souls who are sensitive, sincere and romantic. While some couples might have trouble communicating, that’s not the case here. In fact, Pisces and Cancer could probably express feelings without a spoken word. Four signs apart on the zodiac wheel, they share the same element of water, making this one of the most relaxed and playful connections in the zodiac. Their natural relationship carries over into the bedroom where they take lovemaking to a whole new level.

These two can go from ultra-busy to uber-relaxed in seconds. They’ll enjoy planning short trips to help them unwind, preferably near their element of water. Both will get lost in massages, ocean swims and walks on the beach under a full moon. Relaxing will help both feed their creative sides. They’ll return inspired and ready to make their world an even more enjoyable place.

Love by Element:  Water and Water

Just the way streams run into rivers that travel to the ocean, water always seeks more water.  Pisces and Cancer share an empathic connection—one glance relays a thousand thoughts and words between them.  Pisces will always guard their tender Cancer’s heart, and in return, Cancer will give Pisces all the love, loyalty, and affection they have to offer.

When feelings get hurt, as they may on occasion, each will try to fix the problem rather than take the opportunity to lash out in anger.  However, when these two Water signs go too deep into the ocean of emotion, strong and powerful moods may stir up a damaging tsunami—or worse, drown this otherwise perfect love affair.

The Good Side of Pisces and Cancer

Pisces and Cancer are both Water signs—they are drawn together on a spiritual and emotional level, and they have a real understanding of each other’s wants and needs. Cancer rules the realm of home and family, and that gives Pisces the comfort they seek. Also, neither Pisces nor Cancer takes much pleasure in emotionless, meaningless sex—that’s never a worry between these two. They match each other’s emotional depths and know what the other is feeling. Lovemaking is not only physical for these two, it’s also a spiritual connection that can rock them both to the core, in a good way.

The Bad Side of Pisces and Cancer

Even such a seemingly perfect couple as Cancer and Pisces are not without their problems. Although both are quite entrepreneurial, they face one of the more significant issues that couples often face—financial discord. Cancer is known to feel antsy without a nest egg for the future, security is practically their middle name. Pisces, on the other hand, is not as mindful of their spending. Pisces is also willing to take a chance on friends and jobs and things that will return money in the future, but not realize they’ve already spent what they have. That’s why astrology works as a great navigator—knowing this ahead of time, Cancer and Pisces will have to agree on one expense in their lives, a financial planner.

Keys to a Successful Union

When Cancer and Pisces come together for love or any kind of relationship, the emotional floodgates have opened! These two sensitive souls are passionate, intuitive, and empathetic, which can lead to decisions based on feelings over logic. A Cancer-Pisces relationship is fueled by fantasy since you understand how to navigate each other’s psychic waters.

Here’s the key to success: Born four signs apart on the zodiac wheel, Pisces and Cancer form a favorable angle known as a trine. Life feels easy but don’t get lazy, pay attention to each other’s needs, and make an effort to put them first. Little things add up—say thank you and do thoughtful things for one another.

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