Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 22 – 28

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 22 – 28

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This weekly tarot reading consults The Herbal Tarot and The Spirit of Herbs, a book by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin. For each card, I’ve included a herb and its astrological counterpart. You’re also getting information about the herb as well as the tarot card’s meaning and affirmations. So let’s jump into it!

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Day (Knight of Wands); Aconite (Warning: Poison!)
Air of Fire
The Knight of Wands represents the expanding and volatile aspect of fire. He is an armored, hot-blooded warrior ready to take on a cause vigorously. He can also represent a warrior woman. This knight can learn to direct his boundless energy and will toward personal, spiritual growth and service to others.
Affirmation: “However it may manifest, I have universal power at my command and I can and do make a difference.”

Evening (Ten of Cups); Marijuana
Mars in Pisces
The Ten of Cups is precariously balanced as an inverted triangle on an unstable, watery foundation. Clouds and a rainbow further signify passing illusions. This may be a time for celebrating the rewards of life, but do not lose yourself in the celebration to the point of ungrounded intoxication. Learn to maintain inner equilibrium. In this way, one can certainly see and be conscious of the energies that are connected to the emotion of joy.
Affirmation: “I take full responsibility for the creation of my immediate reality.”


Day (Three of Cups); Trillium
Mercury in Cancer
In a forest clearing, we behold a mythic scene. Three muses dance in life-affirming joy and here life celebrates itself. There can be no greater tribute to life, no greater reason for living, than the joy of pure being. If the purpose of life is the attainment of mystical god consciousness, such awareness comes closest in moments of unconditional love, self-acceptance, and peace.
Affirmation: “With joy, I embrace and also welcome all that I have fostered and created.”

Evening (Seven of Cups); Juniper Berries
Venus in Scorpio
Tonight, all things are possible! A key idea of this card is self-love, which arises from the power gained through awareness of self-confidence. You may also recognize the inner state of your being reflecting back to you from the outer world. Then you may seek to understand what is reflecting back to you by others. Or, you may become emotionally stagnant, and overindulgent in pleasures or vices too.
Affirmation: “I recognize myself as I am reflected in the outer world.”


Day (Page of Wands); Shepherd’s-Purse
Earth of Fire
The Page of Wands depicts a youthful traveler looking at a sunrise. The card symbolizes the dawning of new opportunities and it means there’s still a ways to travel to achieve one’s final goal. However, there is the assurance of its presence in the not too distant future.
Affirmation: “With all fears and insecurities aside, clarity and single-mindedness are the keys to my success.”

Evening (Ten of Wands); Prickly Ash Bark
Saturn in Sagittarius
The full bundle of 10 wands is carried as a burden on the back of the voyager. There’s also a sense of being overwhelmed, oppressed, and weighed down by various cares and concerns. While there is less opportunity for distractions and diversions, there is also an obvious opportunity for organizing and gaining clearer focus and vision. As a result, tonight is good for organization in all aspects of your being.
Affirmation: “I willingly take on my responsibilities and also allow others to take on theirs as well.”


Day (Six of Cups); Watermelon
Sun in Scorpio
Today, watch for people who may want to toy with your feelings, or who are also emotionally immature. These things can only create a sense of instability and eventual betrayal. This card shows the need to get in touch with childlike innocence and adding more playtime into one’s life too.
Affirmation: “Lovingly I give and lovingly I receive the gifts of our friendship.”

Evening( XI Justice); Plantain
Justice represents our internal need for equilibrium. She is also the faithful divine mother preserving us and maintaining our health—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She also represents the appreciation and understanding of the laws of nature. When we are in harmony with these laws, we have protection in all ways.
Affirmation: “By creating greater balance within, I create more joy in my life.”


Day (Seven of Pentacles); Rhubarb
Saturn in Taurus
Today is a day of hard work, and now is certainly the time to gather the discipline and the strength necessary to move on to the next step in life. New fields need to be plowed, the weeds pulled, and the seeds planted too. Don’t let fear or past failures paralyze you to the point that nothing gets done.
Affirmation: “I look at the past and learn how I can now create a better tomorrow.”

Evening (King of Pentacles); Alfalfa
Fire of Earth
The King of Pentacles sits on a throne of rock and his red robe indicates his ability to confront and deal directly with the needs and requirements of living on Earth. His talents include patience, willpower, and an understanding of how the world works too. He also sees the material world as the stage for spiritual growth.
Affirmation: “I work with the Earth and all her gifts to see more clearly the manifestation of my spiritual self.”


Day (Page of Pentacles); Blue Flag
Earth of Earth
The Page is looking for new knowledge and skills. She is ready to learn how to use the tools on hand so that she can plant the seeds for future growth. She also takes risks that may be necessary as she embarks on her present opportunity. Therefore, the inner child wants to come out to experience the excitement of new possibilities.
Affirmation: “I am open to the new skills and creative endeavors that are being revealed to me.”

Evening (VII The Chariot); Cyperus
The chariot is the peaceful warrior who has learned how to harness the energy of his will and is receptive to the inner guidance that is always flowing to him. He is liberated from any old patterns that bind him and has also learned to distinguish the true desires of the enlightened self from the compulsive desires of an unawakened self.
Affirmation: “With my heart as my guide, I use my will and power to be victorious in all that I do.”


Day (Four of Wands); Fennel Seed
Venus in Aries
Today is a good day to get together with friends or family and play. This will teach each of you the value of cooperation and also prevent egocentricity and seriousness. Also, it’s a good time to share your talents and skills.
Affirmation: “I feel greater self-confidence by quietly recognizing my many gifts and accomplishments too.”

Evening (King of Wands); Cinnamon
Fire of Fire
The King of Wands represents the fiery aspect of fire. The King enjoys the feeling of power and control and has the capacity and energy to use it whenever it’s a requirement. Therefore, tonight may be the time to start developing and finding the inner motivation and decisiveness that the fiery king represents.
Affirmation: “I acknowledge my inner fires and use my strength to direct my destiny.”

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