5 Things You Can Control About Your Love Life

5 Things You Can Control About Your Love Life

Create Lasting, Vibrant Love

When it comes to love, so much is out of our hands. As much as we’d like to will someone to fall in love with us, other people’s feelings are just one of the things we can’t control. And as much as we’d love for a romantic relationship to last forever, we just don’t know where the road will take us. But there are five key things you can control about your love life. Use them to help you create lasting, vibrant relationships.

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1. You can control how much effort you put into your love life.
Just like many other things in life, you get from your relationships what you put into them. It’s totally up to you how much energy you want to devote to love, whether you’re still playing the dating game or you’re in a committed relationship. You get to decide how much time you want to spend creating a dating profile, responding to messages, and going on dates. You also control how much effort you put into showing your significant other just how much you care about them.

2. You can control how high or how low your standards are.
Only you know the best type of partner for you and the qualities you need to really thrive in a relationship. Don’t settle for someone because you’re lonely or because you’ve convinced yourself that they’re good enough for now. On the flipside, don’t be unrealistic about the type of person you need in order to be happy—no one’s perfect, after all. The way you determine what you really need (and what would be nice to have) in a romantic prospect is one of the things you can control about love and it’s something that can really shape the course of your love life.

3. You can control how honest you are.
We all know that honesty is the best policy, but this quality is extremely important when it comes to relationships. You get to control when you want to be candid about your life goals, whether or not you want a serious relationship or if you’d like to have children one day. It’s also your call whether you’re honest with yourself about your true feelings for the person you’re considering (or already with). Staying true to yourself and what you really want—and need—will ensure integrity in your relationships. And, for that matter, in your life.

4. You can control how vulnerable you are.
It can be hard to really let someone in—especially if you’ve been hurt in the past. Luckily, how open you are in a relationship is one of the things you can control. You get to choose what sides of yourself you want to reveal, and when, and what you’d like to keep hidden until you feel more comfortable. This includes discussing the number of people in your romantic past or revealing whatever traumas and challenges you’ve faced.

5. You can control how much love you give.
Giving and receiving love is the whole point of finding a partner. And you get to decide when you’re really ready to fall in love and express that love to someone else. It’s also up to you to decide who is deserving of that love. Knowing this will give you the confidence to share yourself with someone who really loves and appreciates you.

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