The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings: March 10 – March 16

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This week begins with Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. Mercury is still retrograde and debilitated, so it is not a great time for travel or making big purchases. As they say, ‘Beware the Ides of March,’ which falls on Friday. It’s an intense looking day. Be cautious in everything you do, especially if you are traveling for the weekend.

This week, we are featuring a new book: “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings,” by Brigit Esselmont, who resides on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. This is a massive compendium of knowledge. Brigit defines each card, its reversed meaning, career, work, personality, relationships and love, spirituality, well-being and health, and even goes into specific card combinations. In short, it is too much information to cover for each day, so I am going to alternate using her definitions and use the reversals when they arise. So, let’s Spring forward.


Day (VII – The Chariot):

The Chariot represents conquest, victory, and overcoming opposition through your confidence and control. Any success will be a result of applying these factors to the situation. Today, you will be successful in pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination, and confidence in your abilities. You need to focus completely on the task at hand, get in the race and win it. The Chariot requires that you assert yourself and be bold. You need to have faith in yourself and know fundamentally who you are and what you stand for.

Evening (Page of Wands):

The Page of Wands is like the Fool in that he is a free spirit who represents change and new beginnings. He has a true passion for life, even though his understanding of this world is not yet fully developed. In a work-related reading, this page shows that you have a thirst for knowledge, learning new things and exploring new territories. The more you learn, the more possibilities you have. In terms of career, this page encourages you to consider a new career path or to develop a new skill set. It is time to branch out and try something new.


Day (Ten of Wands):

The Ten of Wands indicates that you have reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle. You are finally reaping rewards after investing a lot of hard work and effort. The Ten of Wands personality type is likely to be a micro-manager who struggles to delegate effectively. They are often heard talking about the long hours they work and the huge workloads they must deal with. This is someone who takes on too much and who does not know when to stop or ask for help.

Evening (Queen of Wands):

The Queen of Wands is the dominant feminine energy of the element of fire. She is not afraid to demonstrate her power to others nor does she shy away from a challenge. It is a good night to put yourself out there and get involved in the social scene. The Queen indicates that you are bursting with confidence, warmth, and vibrancy and you feel so good about yourself that you instantly attract others to you. In an established relationship, this card indicates that you have a genuine desire to be the best person you can be so that this can be the best relationship possible for both of you.


Day (Two of Wands–Reversed):

The Two of Wands reversed suggests that you need to start organizing your long-term goals and prioritizing what is important to you and what you really want to achieve. Today, you may be afraid to step out into unknown territories, despite the tremendous growth potential, instead preferring to stay with what is familiar to you. The other indication of this Two, when reversed, is that you may have overlooked some important details related to your plan for the future. Or, you may be losing your passion associated with your goal and are becoming easily bored and unmotivated. It is essential that you reignite that passion or start again with something you feel more inspired about.

Evening (Seven of Pentacles):

The Seven of Pentacles shows that you have a strong desire to invest in those things that will provide long-term benefit. You are taking a long-term view of the future and assessing where you can best invest your time and energy for the maximum output. Seven also indicates that you are willing to invest in your spiritual development over the long-term. You are not looking for quick wins or spiritual fads. Instead, you are committed to putting in the effort now for greater spiritual enlightenment later. You know and understand that it takes a lifetime to achieve enlightenment, and perhaps even longer.


Day (VIII- Strength–Reversed):

Today, Strength reversed indicates weakness. You may have recently experienced a setback, or you are questioning your journey and whether you are on the right track. This card also suggests that you may be starting to doubt yourself and lose some self-esteem and self-confidence. Aggression may be an issue and, as such, an anger management course may be a good path forward for you. You need to exercise more control over your raw emotions to ensure that you don’t lash out at others, and later regret your actions and words.

Evening (Six of Cups–Reversed):

This Six reversed may indicate that you are clinging on to your past. There may be issues from your past that you have not yet fully processed. It is important to explore the memories of your past, but do not get stuck there. The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia. Reversed, it suggests that you may have had unrealistically rosy ideas about a stage of life, based on your dreams and ideas from when you were younger.

This card reversed can also indicate fertility issues or disciplinary issues with existing children that you are trying to get under control. Or, you may be working with others who have repressed childhood memories, and who need your support.


Day (Three of Cups):

Today is a good day for spending quality time with friends and significant others. It is a great day for helping others, which in turn means that others are open to helping you. This is a good day to let your hair down and indulge yourself a little. This Three also suggests that your personal well-being and health will benefit by reducing stress wherever possible and engaging in more fun and sociable activities. But don’t go overboard with too much food, drink or sweets.

Evening (Four of Cups–Reversed):

The Four of Cups reversed indicates that there is a good possibility that an offer will come your way, but you must work hard to go out and get it. This card when reversed also reflects a time when you may be reluctant to open your heart to someone or to express your true feelings; instead, you may withdraw and isolate yourself from the other person. Be mindful of how this may be impacting those who are close to you and be considerate of their needs as well as your own. Try to reconnect with others and let them know how much you appreciate them.


Day (XVI – The Tower):

Today is a time of great turmoil and destruction where you seek to understand how you could have been so wrong, or so blind about a situation. And now, what will you do and how will you manage in the face of this shocking truth? A Tower experience shakes the foundation of your current sense of security. It may be a divorce, a death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, or a job loss. It is time to ask yourself, “What structures in my life are breaking up?” With destruction, there also comes creation. Thus, the Tower represents an awakening and is about freedom, inspiration, reality, and the release from bondage.

Evening (XVIII-The Moon):

The Moon often represents your ‘shadow’ self, which is a part of the unconscious mind where we keep repressed weaknesses and issues. Tonight, with the Moon, you could project fear into your present and your future, based on past experiences. Many invisible things are coming to the surface including secret motives, information, and ancient hidden truths. It is a card of intuition and psychic forces, and it is a good time to get a reading. On the career front, you may feel uncertain about the direction of your career, and lack guidance as to which direction to take. Be careful of other people’s hidden agendas.


Day (XIII – Death–Reversed):

Death is a card of transformation and new life and typically shows a need to start completely over by letting go of the past. Death reversed generally reflects that you are on the verge of major change but for some reason, you are resisting making that change. It is time to assess the way you are dealing with change. You may find that you are, in fact, halting the very change that will be to your benefit. You may fear the new, but the time is right to accept the new. However, it is important you resolve the past and deal with whatever is preventing you from changing first.

Evening (King of Cups–Reversed):

The King of Cups reversed is incredibly emotionally controlling and manipulative. This is someone who is toxic, moody, sulky, and withdrawn from others, particularly if things do not go his way. This King reversed can also represent a mature, loving, and emotional person who has let their emotions start to control their life. This card could show that you are trapped in a relationship with someone that is dependent and emotional, or a co-dependent situation. This King suggests that you feel quite confused about your relationship and your emotions are out of balance and out of control. You need to take greater control and responsibility for your emotional state, as right now you or someone close to you is a loose cannon.

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