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Spring is here, and this week we end March and begin April with April Fool’s Day and a new Moon this week on Friday, April fifth. It is an intense week as a lot of major arcana cards came up. We are reading with “The Thoth Tarot,” created by Aleister Crowley and using the interpretation by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig. Happy April Fool’s Day!


Day (Five Of Cups):

Today you will change yourself. You are encountering large, unfamiliar feelings. Pour “pure wine” for yourself and others. It is better to accept the truth “late” than not at all. A disappointment also always offers an opportunity of disillusion, that is, as a farewell to illusions and to a start in a new clarity. Do not run away from your feelings.  Allow the tears to flow, but also allow a new enthusiasm. Get some help if you need to and be ready to give help and assistance. Let it flow.

Evening (Five Of Discs):

Tonight is a good night to fulfill valuable commitments with a light heart. In your personal life, do not allow yourself to be pushed into a co-dependent situation or any distressing obligations. You are entitled to be happy. Begin to be good to yourself. Take care of yourself and let yourself be pampered. Trust in the joy of friendship and the blessings of cooperation. Help to make the world more human, more hospitable, and more comfortable.

Monday –  April Fool’s Day

DAY (XV – The Devil):

A good day to become aware of one’s shadow side. When you become aware of your shadow side, it is then possible to release this energy. The Devil can also represent a deprived child or our inner neglected child which is a part of us that we have so far neglected, although there is a longing for him/her. When we bring light into the darkness, the inner child gains shape and color. Today, the key to success is to become free of prejudices. By bringing light into the dark, you will find new treasures.

Evening (XII – The Hanged Man):

It is a good time to attempt to understand the opposite position from your own. Do not play the martyr and do not allow any suffering to be glorified. In terms of love, the Hanged Man encourages a complete surrender to desire and passion. Tonight you will view the world with new eyes. You feel yourself in a new way. It is an intense, heightened awareness, and you find yourself looking into an alternative, more comprehensive reality. The key to success is a shift in consciousness. It’s okay to simply let it hang at times.


Day (Knight Of Disks): This Knight indicates that there is something to do and something to harvest in this life and on this day. It is a good day to get things done. Have faith in your ability to solve problems in order to eliminate fears and fulfill desires. It is also a good day to forgive yourself and others for not being perfect. You cannot change others, but accept them as they are. This Knight is a powerful and easygoing person. He is aware that you only live in the here and now, and it is critical that he makes his life comfortable and pleasant.

Evening (XIV – Art):

Tonight, you are an artist of life. You can accomplish new things with your actions and create yourself anew. It is also important to allow your partner to participate as well. The key to success is your originality, your inventiveness, and your powers of transformation and creativity. Create a great work from your life, a work of art from duties and obstacles, successes and experiments. The creative power takes you to your roots and connects you with the absolute.


Day (XVIII – The Moon):

It’s a great day for lights, camera, action! Or in other words, a day that could be very emotional and temperamental. You may feel like running away or getting away from it all, escaping to your own private island. Be careful not to be overly reactive or angry or impulsive today. Give your dark side some space to let loose, without getting stuck in the gloom. A good day to abandon yourself to the power of the moon’s pull. Take your existing desires and fears seriously and do something about them.

Evening (V – The Hierophant):

Even in you, there lies a priest. You are responsible for your faith. Tonight is a good night to share your views with others, or write your own sermon, so to speak. You have a lot of experiences and knowledge from which others can benefit, and it may be wise to consider writing a memoir. Everyone is a teacher for other people. Therefore, express yourself, and benefit from the experience of others. You can find solutions to your issues if you let others in on your secret and if you let others introduce you into their relationships.


Day (XXI – The Universe)

Today, there is more ability to demonstrate discipline and self-control, as it carries with it the energy of the warrior mindset. Perhaps a spiritual warrior mindset. There is a theme about opposites or polarities. For example, the man has to recognize himself in the woman in order to understand the universe. The woman has to recognize herself in the universe in order to understand herself. Bring your current issues and questions in-line with your life goals. That way you stay up to date! Know your limits.

Evening (Prince Of Cups):

This is a good night to identify and express your true desires. You are a loving and dignified personality whose great strength comes from the depths. Your inner life and your feelings are very decisive for you. Unless you acknowledge this, you can greatly hurt yourself. This evening, you live boundlessly, with a ‘skies the limit’ attitude. The underwater world with all its depths is your happiness. No external boundary can change anything on the issue of your personal boundlessness.


Day (Princess Of Cups):

This is a great new Moon day in which to begin a search, a journey, or a new diet or spiritual practice. It is also great to begin some new creative projects. Often, we think that success must come first and then life will finally become easy and pleasant. However, this card suggests that it occurs in an inverse way: finally, make your life easy and pleasant—provide relief when it comes to Important personal needs and/or fears. Then the desired success will also adjust to fit your life.

Evening (Four Of Cups):

It is a good night for entertaining at home or going to the movies. It is also a good time to take time for yourself. Notice whatever is in the way of you meditating or feeling calm, and deal with those blocks. Look into yourself in order to cope with what has gone before. Be open to new ideas. While it is a good evening to get some deep rest and focus on your dreams, it is also good to reflect on your own greater possibilities.


Day (X – The Wheel):

The energy today is exciting and a bit restless, so it is not the Saturday to sleep in, but to plan to get outdoors and go for a hike, and be active, and have some fun. A good day to go somewhere that you have never been before, to go out and further discover the world, to surprise and amaze yourself. The key to success is the ability to look at the matters of life without blinders and to find out what you really want. Now, the time is ripe for greater relationships and better solutions!

Evening (XI – Lust):

The title of this card says it all for tonight, follow your lust for life! Choose pleasure as a state of being this evening. This means that you are involved with something and become a part of something that is bigger than you. Give your love of life a new chance to be happy, love thy neighbor as thyself. Yes! You can love yourself. This is not forbidden. The key to success is: “Love in every respect.” The love for creation and all living things is the greatest.

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