Your Weekly Tarot Reading: November 12 – 18

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This weekly tarot reading turns back to the herbal deck created by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin. Their deck is an introduction to the art of herbalism and its symbolism. It also offers us an understanding of the healing messages of plant beings and how they can be teachers and healers. So let’s enter the week ahead in the spirit of the herbal tarot!

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Day (The Hierophant [Sage]): Taurus the Hierophant represents our inner teacher who reminds us that after the reasoning process we must jump into the realm of inner guidance. Taurus, the sign of inherited talents, tenacity, and results, rules the high priestess. The high priest uses all his Taurean capabilities in order to teach and guide us in a stable and real manner. He is that small voice we hear when we take the time to ask questions, silence our minds, and just listen.

Evening (Three of Wands [Saffron]): An adventurer stands on a sandy beach looking seaward. He observes a sailing vessel approaching the shore. This card represents the beginning or continuation of a venture or experience. The boat in the distance signals the potential and hopes that such a venture brings.


Day (The High Priestess [Peony]): Moon, the high priestess, embodies the pure power of the feminine. She connects with the universal mind. She has had many names in her past and at one point was none other than the ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis, who was able to give life to the god, Osiris, after his death. Around her neck is the sacred ankh, the key to life. Therefore, today is a good day to meditate or call your favorite life path psychic for a reading!

Evening (Eight of Pentacles [Ginger]): Sun in Virgo means it’s a good night to focus on work and organization. It’s also a good night to balance the books and exercise to keep yourself balanced physically and financially. However, it’s important not to get so lost in the details that you’re forgetting to look at the whole picture.


Day (Four of Cups [Burdock]): A woman watching the stream of life appears disinterested in the offering of the four cups before her. It seems that despite achieving the rewards of friendship, family, and children, something is still missing in your life. It may be difficult to feel connected to what’s happening in the outer world when we feel disconnected from the self within. Therefore, this is a good day to contemplate those things which are of lasting value to you. Or it might be time to take notice of the further opportunities life is offering you. Just be grateful for the smallest blessing in your life.

Evening (The Moon [Lemon Balm]): The moon is in charge of our evolution both physically and spiritually. As we recognize our self-unfoldment, we must confront our hidden fears and the shadow side of ourselves. This is a good night to get to bed early so that sleep can process and heal the body, mind, and spirit. The moon also helps us realize that forces greater than our own thoughts guide our evolution.


Day (The Fool [Ginseng]): Uranus the fool is our most inner self who is limitless, adventurous, and immortal. He is guided by his heart’s path, symbolized by the rose, and by the golden light, which is divine grace pouring down to him. Uranus, an erratic, revolutionary and eccentric planet is the ruler of the fool, thus he may appear to be crazy or creative. He is free of self-imposed restrictions and is open to change and inspiration too. The fool reminds us to be more detached in the roles we play and reminds us of our true beingness as children of the great spirit.

Evening (Death [Elderflowers]): Death, ruled by Scorpio, is a symbol of rebirth, transformation, change, and initiation. The sun in the background is rising and a new day is being born. The blooming red roses symbolize the rejuvenation that we will experience by shedding our old worn out ways.


Day (Suspended Person [Kelp]): A young person hangs upside down in the divine ocean of life. The usual fiery and exuberant nature of life is in reverse. The suspended person, ruled by Neptune, is learning the art of self-realization in order to go beyond the illusion that we as individuals are the managers of the universe. This card has a feeling of nonresistance and a feeling of recognizing the living consciousness of the universe. Therefore, today is a good day to look at things from another point of view.

Evening (Page of Swords [Dill]): The young page is ready to make a new start with fresh ideas and thoughts. He will sweep away depression and negative thoughts and will make himself ready for change and new possibilities. The Page is your inner child ready to learn something new. He is a freethinker and is ready to make inroads into a new reality for himself.


Day (The Chariot [Cyperus]): The chariot is the peaceful warrior who has learned how to harness the energy of his will and is receptive to the inner guidance that is always flowing to him. He uses his vehicle as an expression of his true self. Ruled by Cancer the crab, he is protected against the bombardment of thoughts from the world around him from which he has separated himself. He is also liberated from any old patterns that bind him and he learns to distinguish the true desires of the enlightened self from the compulsive desires of an unawakened self. As a result, today is a good day to get in touch with your ability to regulate and manifest things in your life.

Evening (Ace of Swords [Chamomile]): The Ace symbolizes the expansion of thoughts, enlightenment, and illumination. There is a need to have clarity of mind and to affirm inner truths. As with all two-edged swords, there is another side. One must watch that actions, determination, and strength do not turn into excessive use of force or extremes in desires. Otherwise, the end result will be instability, nervous energy, and self-destruction. With the ace of swords, one should strive to allow creative and inspired ideas to burst forth.


Day (The Sun [Angelica]): The rays reach out in a gesture of universal blessing. The sun energy loves and illumines all things equally without judgment. Therefore, today is a good day to wake up and live in the present moment, regenerate the self, and follow the heart’s path. It may be possible to commune with the angelic realm today as well.

Evening (Knight of Wands [Aconite]): This card represents the volatile aspect of fire. The Knight is an armored, hot-blooded warrior ready to take on a cause vigorously. This card can also represent a warrior woman who is bold and unafraid to act with great courage. It’s a reminder that a competitive spirit should focus on overcoming personal shortcomings, rather than trying to control and dominate others.

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