Mantras for Meditation: November 11 – November 17

The Power of Mantras

This week, Psychic Denisha covers heroism, messengers, gentleness, and leadership in her mantras for meditation. Are you ready to use these powerful mantras every day?

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November 11 (Signs):I will listen to my higher guides and angels.”

What do your angels want you to know right now? If you feel something gnawing at your mind, listen to it. It’s your higher guides trying to get you to pay attention to the signs they are showing you. So pay attention to your dreams and the coincidences that are happening right now in your life. They are all signs from your own higher energy. Your higher self can be a great help when you work hand in hand with it.

November 12 (Heroism): I stand strong and have survived another day.”

You are stronger than you know and braver than you ever thought possible. Now that you’re done with the struggle tell this to yourself daily. You have been able to survive all that the world has thrown at you, and you can still smile. Therefore, laugh at the troubles that have fallen away and know that you have learned those lessons. You are ready to take on a new course in life, and you will find the joy and laughter you need there too.

November 13 (Messenger):I am my messenger in life.”

You should be practicing your song of life right now. You are the only one who can deliver the message you have for those you love. Don’t allow someone else to become your voice. Instead, allow them to go where they can hear you. Remember, you are divine and unique; no one can share the same words that express you. Yes, the message can be similar but your voice is about you and only you. So be your own messenger.

November 14 (Navigator): “I can only navigate my own life and my path.”

Yes, you are the only one responsible for your way through life. Even in relationships, you are only capable of plotting the course of your steps. So look ahead and see where you want to go. Welcome others who are on the same street in this life too. Lovingly part ways with those whose walk takes them onto new and different courses. The fact that the trail they were walking crossed yours is the blessing for which you should be thankful. It should be true for all who come into your life—loves, family, and friends. Each person is their own navigator.

November 15 (Gentry):I am gentle in all that I do.”

Yes, count yourself among the gentry that you know in this life. If you see yourself as a kind, loving, and compassionate person then you will be regarded as that. But you must remember to be gentle and kind to yourself too. By approaching all areas of your life with kindness and being well mannered with yourself, you will see that things start to become less stressful. You need to let go of trying to control the outcome of each situation. Instead, be open to what the universe wants to help you manifest; it will be greater than what you initially asked for.

November 16 (Captain):I am the leader and provider that I need in life.”

As one of your mantras for meditation, you are being reminded to depend on yourself first. By asking yourself what you need and then following through with the request you make, you will get stronger. Others will start to turn to you for advice and see you as someone they want in their life. They will emulate you. Then there is no jealousy or envy blocking the flow of prosperity in your life. Being the leader means that you can do this with love and kindness. You will also find you can get others to do things without fighting you on the directions given.

November 17 (Ignition):I turn the key on the motor of the life I want.”

Yes, turn the key and start the next project of which you have been dreaming. Don’t let things stall out now because you have the key in your hands. Allow yourself to give things a tiny bit of gas and don’t mash the accelerator in any circumstance. Be sure you keep both hands on the steering wheel too and keep the motions moving forward. If you find yourself getting distracted, then you may lose what momentum you had going forward.

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