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As we enter the tenth month of October, we’ll delve into the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley. I discovered a beautiful yet simple book and card set by Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig based on their interpretation of the Thoth Tarot. It’s very positive, and for each card, they have outlined a sub-meaning for love, happiness, and success. These ladies believe that the Tarot can help you build a bridge to more happiness, successful experiences, and have more love in your relationship. Also, Berger and Fiebig don’t believe one should get stuck on the captions of the cards, and even suggest covering them up. They believe we should “have fun with the Tarot,” and that the captions could be misleading. So as we enter fall and the season of harvest, balance, and harmony, let’s dive into this new take on the Thoth Tarot:

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DAY (THE EMPEROR): You have the power, and that’s not bad. That’s because The Emperor is the power in all of us that explores new possibilities in life. Birth is not a beginning which remains only temporarily, but it represents his life principle—to break new ground and cultivate it.

Love: Even in love you need power—the capacity to actually achieve something. It’s a question of your willingness to engage yourself and ignore boundaries. If you focus your energy and your will, you can move mountains.

Happiness: You are more compelling when you act out of yourself and do not do half measures or anything artificial. Use your personal power. There is a King in each of us.

Success: The key to success is a pioneering spirit. You can do it! Take heart.

EVENING (SEVEN OF WANDS): The energy is bubbling up in you tonight! There. It’s not about fighting; it’s about usefulness. The key is to reach a new level or a “rested” style in the deployment of forces. You can certainly achieve more when you stop wearing yourself out.

Love: You overcome discouragement and bigotry and don’t count on dramatic decisions or acts of defiance either.

Happiness: You respond to particular challenges with mindfulness and increased presence, not with stress or tension. Therefore, let loose and everything simply comes to you quickly and easily.

Success: Do not let yourself be provoked and do not provoke others! Instead, find a position that emphasizes your individualism and allows you to retain your power over the long term too.



DAY (PRINCESS OF CUPS): This is a card full of beauty and lightness.  It’s also a wonderful card for a summery cheerful day, all year round! Through your feelings, you can discover innovations. You understand those living within the water worlds, such as the fish and the swan, representing the richness and reach of the treasures of the soul.

Love: You are a light-hearted and serious personality. You’re also helpful and uplifting, while also being independent and autonomous. You have a talent to resolve internal problems without drowning in them.

Happiness: With empathy, understanding, and meditation, you’ll discover new things and gain important insights. This is also a source of enlightened vitality for you. You’re certainly an important psychic aid for others.

Success: Often we think that success must come first and then life will finally become easy and pleasant. However, this card suggests that it occurs in an inverse way: Make your life easy and pleasant. Provide relief when it comes to important needs and/or fears. Then, the desired success will adjust to fit your life.

EVENING (EIGHT OF SWORD): Eight of swords is like rails and ties, meaning you certainly know how to plan your route. You summarize all the arguments, draw the necessary conclusions, and get the ball rolling. Purple represents peak experiences.

Love: Undo obligations which hinder you and be consistent with yourself and others! Develop your own rules too.

Happiness: You will realize that you have many skills, so don’t let “threshold anxiety” stop you. You get to decide on your own happiness and freedom too.

Success: If your thoughts and actions mutually network and bind, then you’ll make remarkable progress.



DAY (TWO OF CUPS): Today your feelings are rich and strong! Love, understanding, and the willingness to exchange ideas are the basis for emotionally satisfying and exciting relationships and encounters. However inwardly, you may feel torn or dissatisfied.

Love: Everyone must distinguish for themselves the famous “two souls in the bosom” and come together under one roof. Then love ceases to be a substitute for personal wholeness and self-realization and becomes a delight in being and happiness when sharing it with others.

Happiness: Take care of your worries, desires, and fears. Learn also to differentiate in emotional matters. Everyone needs the right to choose and to decide for themselves, especially in emotional and intimate issues. Take a step of joy today.

Success: Today, let others know what you want from them and what you want to give them too.

EVENING (SEVEN OF SWORDS): You can do it! The grace of Spirit and the force of arguments will prevail! Cunning, intrigue, and futility are attributed to this card. But it only has such unpleasant meanings if, and only if, you don’t want to understand anything!

Love: Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by problems and contradictions. Instead, go your own way. Work with your dreams and clarify your objectives in love too.

Happiness: You have many battles to fight only because you have too little courage for your dreams, and your courage becomes weaker and weaker the longer you fail to rid yourself of the fear of it. You deal with all important battles yourself.

Success: Understand the current conflict as a contribution to a better understanding of your job and your place in the world. Find out which mysteries are typical for you. Thus will you experience and achieve something significant.



DAY (QUEEN OF CUPS): Today, speak with the voice of your heart. Open up like the surface of the water, and close just like everything that is located below the surface. Closure and openness of the soul at the same time is a condition of an intact mental life.

Love: You know a lot of the secrets of life and feel deeply. Your great sensitivity gives you rich and striking images, premonitions, and visions. You can love wholeheartedly and share deep feelings.

Happiness: If you’re at peace with yourself, you will receive great power and a fertile imagination from that. As a result, you can bring a deep, beautiful, and fulfilling life to reality with happy surprises.

Success: Make decisions with the voice of the heart. Check the feelings of everyone involved and represent your standpoint clearly.

EVENING (EIGHT OF DISKS): It’s an evening of easy mastery. Each task you overcome is also a reflection of the work you have been doing on yourself. The clearer you work out your talents and limitations, the more you become the master or mistress in your own right.

Love: Mindfulness is the order of the evening, and love is sometimes a tender plant. Not everything works immediately, but still must be practiced with patience, and that does no harm.

Happiness: You enjoy life. You know that everything is important—not only the final products but also the circumstances. You are your own boss, and proceed step by step.

Success: Relax and remain vigilant tonight. Understand the message, “Between the lines.” Be willing to learn new things, and make sure you don’t instruct others from the top down.



DAY (FULL MOON, TEN OF CUPS): Today, great emotions and passions move you. They raise and fulfill your life. But beware of having your head in the clouds, and beware of pipe dreams and illusions! However, don’t suppress your emotions! This card signifies wonderful experiences and events on this Full Moon day. It stands for the happy passions and letting go of differences of all kinds.

Love: Today, you are like a force field behind which you and others feel comfortable. Trust yourself to risk a life plan that unlocks all sources and makes them fruitful.

Happiness: You experience pleasures, which you receive like gifts. They are the results of your willingness to be open and receive.

Success: Your desires materialize in a colorful, multi-faceted life. You will find love and relationships that satisfy you completely. Try to understand what others say—and what they actually want too.

EVENING (KNIGHT OF WANDS): Tonight is a night for fireworks. The Knight of Wands lives in the fire. It can be a trial by fire, or feel like “all Hell is let loose!” Just get out of yourself and keep moving. People and events will become clear to you when something happens.

Love: For women, this card means that tonight you should take the lead. For men, it often comes down to being more sensitive to the contradictions of your own person as well as the contradictions of others. Each contradiction that you notice strengthens you.

Happiness: You involve yourself with all sides of your personality. You act holistically and with all of your senses, and in the action, you’ll realize which path is right for you.

Success: This evening, commit yourself completely. Understand what it is you and others are looking for! Within you, there are enormous energies, and waiting for you are great responsibilities.



DAY (THE HERMIT): Keep your lamp ready today and light up your environment. This card represents the necessary phases of conscious loneliness, of meditation, of sinking into practical work or fasting. Seclusion, silence, and reflection are not just things for a rainy day. They are also means of concentration, self-awareness, and reassurance that you need for your development.

Love: “If I hang onto another person, because I cannot stand on my own two feet, it can perhaps be a lifesaver, but our relationship is not love. Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the precondition for the ability to love.” – Erich Fromm

Happiness: The Hermit embodies a man who solves his problems at the right time and attends to his responsibilities without sweeping anything under the carpet. You, too, have the opportunity to make yourself and the world far better. Bring the lantern light into the matter and give yourself the courage to look closely.

Success: The key to success is to come clean and reflect on your heart!

EVENING (QUEEN OF SWORDS): Tonight, you display your profile via clarity and openness! Three faces are seen on this card: Past, Present, and Future; Id, Ego, and Superego. Take off the mask of false pride in order to look behind the scenes of alleged constraints and supposed impasses. Whatever happens, there is at least one alternative!

Love: You are a strong, individual personality with great power and a keen sense of justice. You insist on clarity consistently and persistently. You also fight oppression and dependency.

Happiness: “Above the clouds, freedom must be boundless” – Reinhard Mey. The immensity of experience is frightening. You know this fear and overcome it by living it. This gives you a great ability to engage in situations and events, and to be fully present in them at all times. You judge people by your experiences in the same situations, and you can trust your judgment.

Success: Tonight, look behind the scenes. Risk a free, independent judgment. You have nothing to lose except some of your prejudices, so set aside any obligations which hinder you.



DAY (PRINCESS OF WANDS): Today, you are a LusTiger, a wild beast with great Aries (spring) horns! You are all “fire and flame,” and the power of enthusiasm literally carries you away. You offer new services, challenges, opportunities, practical tests, and confirmations. Stick to what keeps your heart going!

Love: Today, deliberately play with fire, try out your strengths, discover new possibilities, and bring your enthusiasm, your joy of life, and your driving force into play with wit and dignity.

Happiness: “One must consciously dedicate oneself to worthy goals.”  –  Susanne Peymann. Guard and protect yourself from zealots. Understand the energies that are greater than yourself.

Success: “A magic dwells in every beginning, protecting us, and telling us how to live.”  – Hermann Hesse. Keep a watchful eye on your desires and the opportunities of the moment, and seize them.

EVENING (TWO OF WANDS): Tonight is a good night to focus on new beginnings, so be able to start something with many people, including tasks and energies. The wands represent the driving force of energy and the need for self-development. Two wands represent polarities that can either obstruct or strengthen one another. How do you deal with conflicting motives and goals, either within yourself or between you and others?

Love: Tonight is about dealing with opposing impulses and overlapping interests. This is less of a matter of discussion than of careful consideration and fact.

Happiness: Wait until your view of things becomes rounded and until your decision is definite. Then do not wait any longer! Act with all of your might, and luck will be with you.

Success: Only those who are able to be a beginner again can learn to master their craft. Then you are stronger than all paper tigers and lounge lizards.

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