This Week in Mantras: September 30 – October 6

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers passion, patience, alliances, achievements, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these amazing mantras every day?

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September 30 (Patience & Planning):Take time to pause and review each area of your life at this stage.”

Take some time to look at your past and see what has worked out well for you. But consider each area of your life, one area at a time. It’s great just to relax as you plan for a positive future, and by taking your time, you will find that you can prepare for any difficulties or hardships that may crop up from time to time. Remember, “Good things come to those who wait.”

October 1 (Positive Movement Forward): You planned and put into place all you need to move forward, you can take that first step.”

Yes, it is time to take that first step towards the future that you have been planning. Keep your thoughts on a positive outcome and keep it all clear in your heart too. Build on where your soul and spirit lead you. When you follow that passion, then you will find that it’s easier to move with the current of your life. There is smooth sailing ahead if you keep positive thoughts in your heart.

October 2 (Material Harvest):Congratulations on a job well done!”

You have been able to reap what you have sown. Therefore, now is time for you to enjoy the harvest that you has prepared. Yes, your thoughts, dreams, and works are now starting to pay off for you. All that was in your mind, good, bad or indifferent is what you will find feeding your future endeavors. So now it’s time to enjoy your just rewards.

October 3 (Passion Ignited): You feel renewed and have a new flow of energy.”

Now that you’ve done the harvesting of your past endeavors, it’s time to sit down and start planning for the next season of growth. This is the perfect time for this too, as it’s the fall season. As a result, it’s time to plan for what you want in your future spiritual life as well as your finances, and home life too. Therefore, follow your passion, and do what your heart is calling for you to do. Start that new adventure you want for your future.

October 4 (The Waiting Game):Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

You have sewn and then planned, but now you have to wait for things to come to fruition. Yes, sometimes the waiting is the hardest part of any endeavor, and you need to wait for the perfect time to see the fruits of your labor pay off, even in relationships. You can’t rush things in love. That would be like trying to pick a green orange! It is going to be impossible to peel, and it will taste just awful. So wait for things to blossom and mature the way they should. It will certainly make the harvest that much sweeter for you.

October 5 (Partnership & Alliances):Notice how synchronicities bring new partners into your life.”

Everything in life happens for a reason. It is synchronistic. It is Divine timing. Embrace that and know you will have a memory of when it happened, and the reason for the partnership or alliance. There will be a deepening of the relationship between the both of you.

October 6 (Foundation & Achievements):Set a firm foundation of positive thoughts to have positive results.”

Yes, your thoughts do feed your future. So be careful what you think. It’s meant to be an equal exchange between you and the Universe, and what you give is what you get. And when you give, it primes the pump of gratitude and abundance. This, in turn, reinforces the Law of Attraction. It is often said, “You are what you eat.” Well, the same concept applies to what you think. You get what you think you will get.

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