Three of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Three of Vessels Keywords

Success, celebration, harmony, growth, friendship, support, comradery, and creativity.

Vessels Suit Meaning

Vessels are most associated with emotions, feelings (positive and negative), and romance. Vessels represent Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs are generally led by their emotions and rely heavily on their “feelings” surrounding a given situation. When they allow themselves to be ruled solely by emotion, however, they can appear moody and difficult for others to understand. Depending on the deck, this suit could also be called Cups, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Three of Vessels

The Three of Vessels can have varied meanings, such as the indication of an upcoming celebration or event, the ending of a period of strife or tension, and it can also be a sign of groups coming together for a common cause or a group hangout.

The Three Vessels often indicates a very social time in life. You’ll be able to seamlessly balance time spent between obligations such as work and time spent with friends and family. You’ll likely crave the comradery you get from old friends or even groups of like-minded people. There’s an increased sense of community and an overall feeling of positive energy being with those we feel akin to. Lifelong friendships, associations, and bonds are the gifts that the Three of Vessels implies. It’s a time to celebrate life and the balance and joy these long-lived connections can bring.

The Three of Vessels in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

The Three of Vessels is showing you how your past actions have somehow paid off in the present – working hard, working out, sharing wealth, acts of kindness, etc. You can see how your past actions or dedications have given you the feeling of having everything you want and need in the present: a lot of money in the bank, a healthy body from working out, or the joy you’ve brought to others by sharing your wealth of knowledge or charitable acts. What you worked so hard on in the past has brought these gifts to you. Now, ask yourself what you can do in the present that will help you look forward to the future.

The Three of Vessels in the Present/Today Meaning

Similar to the past position, the Three of Vessels in the present indicates that you have just completed a big undertaking and celebration is in order. The next move is to set a new goal that will affect your future in positive ways. Let history be your guide – you’ve learned that setting good intentions and taking positive actions can take its place in “paying it forward.”  The seeds you plant today can bring a bountiful harvest in the future.

The Three of Vessels in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

When the Three of Vessels appears in the future position of a reading, it means you have something to look forward to. You should focus on your most exciting “what’s next,” as there is almost always something new to look forward to. In the meantime, rest, relax, and restore. Something is sure to come to light once you balance your energy. Also, in addition to looking forward, don’t discount connections from your past to serve as inspiration. In this way you can see your circle of friends and family as a symbol for the circle of life.

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Three of Vessels


If you’re single and find the Three of Vessels in a love reading, it’s message that there’s no need to rush into a relationship at this time. Celebrate and enjoy friends, family, groups, and being a free spirit. The Three of Vessels may also indicate that someone from your past is coming back into your life to reestablish your connection. Whether you let them is entirely up to you.


If you’ve recently started a relationship, the Three of Vessels is an indication that your connection is fun and light. You’ll be spending your time getting to know one another and enjoying each other’s company.

If you’re in an established relationship, look to enjoy a mutually-supportive and loving connection that seems to deepen with time. If you’re just coming through a trying time, the Three of Vessels indicates repair and regeneration within that connection.

Career Meaning for the Three of Vessels

The Three of Vessels emphasizes group connections. In a career reading, its message is that being social or part of a group working together keeps work from becoming routine, whether busy or not. If you’re looking for work, connect with new people and people from the past; you may just get the introduction you need.

Financial Meaning for the Three of Vessels

In a financial reading, the Three of Vessels is telling you that it’s important not to be too attached to money. Look at life as if were inherently abundant. Don’t worry about spending money on a cooking class or a gym membership that can eventually feed your mind, body, and soul – they are all an investment in your future. Focus on spending time with family, close friends, and groups as they are the ultimate investment in a happy, well-lived life.

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