Nine of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Nine of Staffs Keywords

Courage, resilience, determination, persistence, test of faith, and inner strength.

Staff Suit Meaning

The suit of Staffs is associated with creativity, passion, art, and sex. It is the suit connected with the element of Fire, and with Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Suit of Staffs seeks attention, pleasure, passion, and a sense of connectivity. This is where lust lives, where anger, jealousy, and even chaos live. Although mostly, the Staffs are seen as the spark of creativity, artistry, and craft. The Staffs are also associated with the planet Mars, named for the god of war. Fire is bright, it lights the way, it burns both barriers and bridges without caring which it reaches first, and every card in the suit of Staffs embodies that fiery energy. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Wands, Rods, Staves, or Clubs.

General Meaning for the Nine of Staffs

In a reading, the Nine of Staffs indicates a final hurdle before a well-earned feeling of success and contentment. Be vigilant in your convictions. The Nine of Staffs is often a test. The fiery energy of the Staffs has fostered a sense of determination, passion, and action. You’ve worked hard to prove yourself, stand up for yourself, and you are able to stand by the quality of your actions. The Nine is asking you to remember all of that as you move into the home stretch. Address the demons you’ve been putting off, push yourself through the final stretch of this process. You may have gotten comfortable with your level of productivity, and it’s time to push the boundaries of that now. As the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Don’t give up too easily. Persistence pays off in the end.

Nine of Staffs in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

The Nine of Staffs in the past position is a reminder of your strength. Try to focus on a time when you felt frozen in fear and doubt, but once you accomplished your goal, you realized it wasn’t as tough as you thought, or that despite how tough it was, it was worth it. Use that knowledge in your present situation. Focus on your strengths and take a leap of faith. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nine of Staffs in the Present/Today Meaning

Life is good at the moment. Perhaps you have one last hurdle to conquer before you feel true peace, but you can draw on your confidence and inner strength and know nothing is impossible. Perhaps you feel guilty for not being more content. The Nine of Staffs is reminding you to keep pushing all the way up until the finish line. Believe in yourself and what lies ahead on your path. You’re not finished yet.

Nine of Staffs in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

You may have worries of what is to come, or what the future will hold; however, it’s that same energy that drives your adrenalin and adds excitement to life – the existence of the unknown.  Fear should only reside where complacency exists. You have put so much hard work, focus, and energy into your endeavors, so remind yourself of what you want and why this is worth it. The Nine of Staffs is telling you that you have further to go, that you can push forward, and that it will be worth it.

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Nine of Staffs


If you’re looking for romance, you must be willing to take a chance. Get out there and be open to love. The Nine of Staffs is telling you that you have a lot to give, and that you’re in a stable position to be able to both give and review wisdom and love; however, there is still room for growth here, so if you find yourself feeling stuck and frustrated, make changes and take chances.


It’s comforting to know that love and trust can get you and your partner through any challenges you may face. The Nine of Staffs is stable, determined, and resilient. Your relationship has been able to survive the trials of the past, and you will be able to survive the trials ahead.

Career Meaning for the Nine of Staffs

The Nine of Staffs is a warning that your work may come under some scrutiny, or perhaps you feel the need to fight to keep your position. Remain poised and professional; state your case, and know your facts. If you’ve done the work, all should go in your favor.

Financial Meaning for the Nine of Staffs

A bad investment or a stock market correction could temporarily set you back. Remain calm; be conservative in your approach, and recovery will come. Most importantly, always be prepared for the unexpected so you can weather any storm, big or small.

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