Four of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Staffs Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Four of Staffs Keywords

Completion, commitment, happiness, celebration, stability, and satisfaction.

Staff Suit Meaning

The suit of Staffs is associated with creativity, passion, art, and sex. It is the suit connected with the element of Fire, and with Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Suit of Staffs seeks attention, pleasure, passion, and a sense of connectivity. This is where lust lives, where anger, jealousy, and even chaos live. Although mostly, the Staffs are seen as the spark of creativity, artistry, and craft. The Staffs are also associated with the planet Mars, named for the god of war. Fire is bright, it lights the way, it burns both barriers and bridges without caring which it reaches first, and every card in the suit of Staffs embodies that fiery energy. Depending on the deck, this suit could be called Wands, Rods, Staves, or Clubs.

General Meaning for the Four of Staffs

The Four of Staffs is one of the most positive cards to receive in a reading, as its uplifting message transcends work life, love life, and overall satisfaction, after having completed a hard-won journey. Now is a time to relax and enjoy the spoils of your commitment. Like all Fours, this card represents a sense of completion and stability, but it is still early in the journey through this suit. Now is the time to appreciate how far you have come and celebrate the positive, but also know that this is not the end, and more hard work is needed as you continue to grow. Looking at how it has paid off is inspiring. Let this fuel you as you move forward.

Four of Staffs in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

The Four of Staffs in the past position may indicate a recent completion of study, a degree achieved, or finally finding that right relationship. You have laid the groundwork and done the hard work, and it is paying off now. But like a graduation, this completion opens more doors for you. Look at where your hard work is leading you, and don’t be afraid to push yourself even further.

Four of Staffs in the Present/Today Meaning

The difference between a student and a master is their thirst for knowledge. To be a master of a subject you are studying, look for answers beyond the normal parameters. Thinking outside of the box will provide insight. The Four of Staffs embodies both a sense of growth and completion as well as a desire to push further and do more. Do not stop pushing forward.

Four of Staffs in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

While there can be several reasons the Four of Staffs shows up in the future position, likely it is telling of an upcoming event or celebration that you’ll be involved in. If you need confirmation that you’re on the right track, the Four of Staffs is telling you to keep going. Good things lie ahead at the end of all this hard work, as well as additional opportunities.

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Four of Staffs


The Four of Staffs could be telling you that this is the perfect time to open yourself back up. If you’ve found personal stability, perhaps it’s time to share it with someone else. Keep your eyes open, you may meet a new love interest who seems to have plenty of potential for long-term connection. The Four of Staffs, like all Fours, represents a sense of stability. If you find someone you connect with, pursue it.


If you’re taken, the Four of Staffs can indicate a positive time for the next step in a relationship – engagement, marriage, etc. Increase in commitment and abundance are all around you. All Fours represents stability, and just like tables stand stronger on four legs, so do relationships. This card shows how solid you are in your relationship, and how hard work has paid off.

Career Meaning for the Four of Staffs

You may have recently achieved a degree, moved into the corner-office, or accomplished something that you and everyone around you will be celebrating. Don’t slack now; keep going strong. The Four of Staffs represents the completion of one stage of growth, but it’s also laying the groundwork for the next. Make sure you’re being the best version of yourself as you settle in and figure out what comes next.

Financial Meaning for the Four of Staffs

Probably due to your hard work and effort, your income is about to get a boost. Whatever the source, the Universe is about to reward you. The Four of Staffs is all about stability and satisfaction, and you deserve to reap the rewards of your work. Remember what got you here: hard work, planning, and a little bit of luck.

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