Daily Draw: 4 of Swords

If The 4 of Swords presents itself upright in a spread, odds are that it’s time for a break. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with something for quite some time? In order to regain clarity, you need to take some downtime to renew your physical and mental energies. You could be pushing yourself too hard and some contemplation is likely in order. This card represents rest, relaxation and renewal.

For that reason, the imagery on The 4 of Swords gives a peaceful impression. The knight is resting on a tomb with a sword laid alongside him and three additional swords hanging overhead. He is relieved the battle is over and is taking the grace period before another storm brews – as is wont to happen in life.

The appearance of 4 of Swords in reverse indicates that the rest is over, you are renewed and it’s time to conquer a new challenge!

Reversed, this card also suggests that good opportunities are en route.

Whether good or bad, however, change of some kind is definitely in the air. A disruption is coming your way and you may want to prepare to do battle again.

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