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The week begins with Cinco de Mayo on Sunday, which is also a special day as the Sun and Moon are both exalted in the sky. So, following the New Moon, it’s another great day for new beginnings. We will return to “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Tarot expert, Rachel Pollack. This is a classic Tarot volume to have on your bookshelf. Rachel reads reversals, so I will include them here. So, let’s jump further into May:


Day (XVII – The Star)

The Star appears today as a symbol of peace and calm after the storm. The Star expresses hope, healing, and wholeness, a kind of coming together after emotional issues may have created separation. It is a good day for spiritual practice and meditation. It is a great day for Cinco de Mayo celebrations as it’s great for music, singing, and dancing. It is also a great day for shopping and getting ready to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Some may feel the need to get away from the madding crowd, and just find a quiet place to relax, and find their own space for a while.

Evening (III – The Empress)

The Empress appears tonight signifying a time of passion, and a period when we approach life through feelings and pleasure rather than thought, according to Ms. Pollack. The Empress can also indicate self-indulgent pleasure when restraint is needed, which could be a problem. There is a focus on the theme of the mother. Motherhood is the basic means by which life continues throughout nature. So, it may be a good time to remember your mother, and perhaps give her a call or pay her a visit this evening.


Day (Knight of Pentacles)

This Knight’s appearance today indicates a need to take responsibility for one’s actions and to act practically. At the same time, denying the Knight’s natural penchant for adventure tends to distort and narrow his attitude to life. He is responsible, hardworking and uncomplaining. This Knight is deeply rooted in the outer world and to simplicity, a quality seen in the way his horse stands firmly on the ground. Yet in dedicating himself to purely practical matters, this Knight has cut himself off from the deeper things in Earth. It is a good day for business, especially real estate, and the hotel and restaurant business.

Evening (VIII – Strength)

Tonight is a good evening to go out and face life and, in particular, some difficult problem with an attitude of hope and enthusiasm. Strength gives you inner strength from within. You can experience life with passion and with a peaceful perspective. Strength gives you the courage to begin or continue some difficult project, despite fear. It is a great evening to indulge the senses, see some music, a movie and enjoy great food. A good night for a massage, a bubble bath, or any sensual enjoyment.


Day (XII – The Hanged Man)

The message of the Hanged Man is about independence and being who you are, even if other people think you have everything backwards. It symbolized the feeling of being deeply connected to life and can mean a peace that comes after some difficult trial. It is a good day for meditation and spiritual practice, and to be aware of over-indulging in sensory pleasures. It is a good day for writing, poetry, astrology, and mysticism.

Evening (Nine of Swords (Reversed))

With the Nine of Swords reversed, Ms. Pollack quoted Waite in the interpretation: “Imprisonment, suspicion, doubt, reasonable fear and shame”. These words indicate the states of mind that result when people retreat into themselves from some problem they do not dare to confront. This is the potential this Tuesday night. The key here is that the problem is real, but because we cannot directly attack it, we tend to hide in ourselves, keeping in our anger and resentment. It may be a good time to seek some counsel or get a reading for some other insights.


Day (King of Wands)

Today, this King indicates a strong-minded person, able to dominate others by the strength of his will. He is naturally honest, seeing no reason or value in lies. He is positive and optimistic for much the same reason. Such a strong personality can tend toward intolerance, unable to understand weakness or despair. The issue to watch today is about the potential abuse of power and lusting after material attainments. It is important to be aware of not causing torment or pain to others. Try to be aware of being too critical or complaining too much. Practicing “Eating clean” and the practice of non-violence is important.

Evening (XV – The Devil (Reversed))

The Devil reversed, this evening, indicates an attempt to break loose from some misery or bondage, real or psychological. You may no longer want to accept your situation and will want to move towards liberation. Yet before you can slip off the chains, you must become conscious of them. If you can survive this period of transition, then you will emerge happier and with a more developed personality. Sometimes we can find the period of transition unbearably painful and slip back to our chains. We must let go of control in order to continue the path to freedom.


Day (XIV – Temperance (Reversed))

Today, Temperance appearing upside down indicates a kind of wildness, of going to extremes. As a result, a person may not know what is appropriate to a situation. Today, it is a warning that your life has become fragmented, and that you are sliding from one extreme to another. It can mean that you are stuck in old habits and patterns. The message is to calm down and avoid extremes. Be aware today of over-intellectualizing your life experiences, as it can produce a critical nature.

Evening (Page of Swords (Reversed))

The Page of Swords reversed indicates a feeling of paranoia, where everyone appears to be an enemy. What begins as a feeling of “I’m above all that or I don’t need to concern myself with that”, turns into an obsession with problems and a seeming inability to do anything about them. Such feelings of weakness are common with the Swords. On the plus side, with inner focus and meditation, there is an ability to manifest abundance and to gain wealth.


Day (VII – The Chariot (Reversed))

The Chariot when reversed, implies that the approach of will-power has proven unsuccessful, and the situation has gotten out of control. Unless another approach to the difficulties is found, the person may face disaster. Willpower alone cannot always sustain us. To quote Ms. Pollack, “Like Oedipus, we must sometimes learn to give way to the gods.” Don’t take things personally or let criticism deflate you or bring you down today.

Evening (Seven of Cups)

The Seven of Cups can ignite your imagination and produce wonderful dreams and visions. Yet without grounding these ideas into action, they remain daydreams, or “Fancies” without real meaning or value. It is a mistake to think that daydreams are meaningless because of their content, as they often spring from deep archetypal needs and images. They lack meaning because they do not connect to anything outside of themselves. The key is not to be too impulsive and act on one’s ideas too quickly, such as suddenly going to get married while in Vegas!


Day (Ten of Cups)

The Ten of Cups shows us with its appearance today that love, imagination, and joy all come to us as gifts. The rainbow on the card carries positive promise as well, that life brings happiness and not just an absence of pain. Showing a family, the card refers primarily to domestic happiness but can indicate any situation that brings a surge of joy. It reminds us to try to be grateful and recognize the valuable qualities in a situation. Generally, it is a great card for a wonderful Saturday.

Evening (Four of Cups (Reversed))

Tonight, the reversed Four of Cups appears to take us out of ourselves and awakens us to the world and its possibilities. New things are being offered to us, new relationships and new ideas. Most important, the reversed card shows enthusiasm and the seizing of opportunities. Conversely, this is also a good night for creating separations from people or business partnerships. It is also a good time to remember the old saying: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

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