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Rekindle the Romance

It’s easy to get stuck in a ho-hum routine when it comes to date nights. After a while, picking which restaurant to eat at feels like a chore (so much so that you try to pass the decision off onto your partner). Shaking things up will not only break your relationship monotony, it will also give you and your other half a chance to do something new together, which is one of the best ways to infuse your union with fun and excitement.

So, this week, rekindle that romance with an unusual night experience. Once you veer from the same old routine, you’ll never get stuck in a rut again.

Check Your Local Events

A great place to start when figuring out date night is your city’s events calendar. In it, you’ll find small-venue concerts, lectures by interesting authors and public figures, indie movie screenings, new hot spots having grand opening parties and other happenings you can check out together. Chances are, you’ll find something that piques at least one of your interests, and you’ll love being able to share a new experience with your partner. Seeing live performances or visiting new spaces will give you something to talk about long after date night is over.

Switch Up the Time of Day

Whoever said that date night needs to happen only at nighttime? If you always go out at night, go for a sunrise hike and pack a picnic breakfast or get brunch after instead. Changing your scenery and routine in this very simple way may be enough to shake things up and bring new life into your relationship.

Do Something That Scares You

Relationships are meant to challenge you to grow and become your best self. There’s no better way to feel tested than to be completely terrified. Use date night as a chance to do something that freaks you out: go sky diving, participate in an open mic night or go on a nighttime scuba dive. Whatever it may be that scares you, doing it together will provide a bonding experience, and a natural high, like no other.

Indulge Your Desire to Veg Out

An unusual date night doesn’t have to be elaborate—it can happen right in your very own home. Plan a spa day or night with your partner. You can give each other massages, slather on mud masks and overall pamper each other. Chances are, you don’t usually take the time for this kind of self-care, let alone as a couple. If that idea isn’t up your alley, you could spend some time researching your ancestry to discover your past. Or connect with a psychic or medium to learn more about your future, all while wearing your pajamas.

Make It a Group Affair

Date night can be enhanced by inviting your pals along. Two may be a couple and three a crowd, but a whole group is a party, right? Get your coupled (and, heck, uncoupled) friends together for a pop-up dinner, panic room or paintball experience, a night of karaoke or even a trip to an amusement park, depending on what you and your crew love to do. Being around other people you love will infuse your relationship with joy, creating a fun feeling of camaraderie among your group and with your partner as well.

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