Psychic’in Ain’t Easy

Give Your Psychic a Little Extra Appreciation

Being a psychic is hard. And since so few people understand what it’s like, it might be good to check in on some of the gritty details. Here’s four reasons why being psychic is a much harder profession than you might guess:

1. Nobody believes you. First and foremost: Psychic phenomena aren’t supposed to be real. You claim otherwise, and you’ve just set up a major hurdle for yourself in your life—even if you’re right. You’ve now put yourself among “them.” “They,” in the public’s mind, are fakesters, fraudsters, criminals and the insane.

That viewpoint isn’t entirely unwarranted; many people who profess psychic abilities do fall into those categories. You’re a psychic? By choice or design, in the minds of the masses you now live on the wrong side of the tracks, the one that ISN’T the side of the nice, normal, shining happy people. Try putting “psychic” or “spiritual healer” on your resume—yeah, not gonna happen.

Why is it this way? Well, for one, Western culture is still crawling out from under the thumb of a few thousand years of church repression, and from a “scientific” (mechanistic is a better word) paradigm that denies the existence of psychic phenomena, even if almost everybody experiences these things at one time or another in their life, often daily. Our culture turns a blind eye to these aspects of reality, and if you’re the type of person who regularly deals with them, it probably turns a blind eye to you—because that stuff scares the hell out of them. Psychics aren’t: “The opposite of fear is knowledge.” – Blythe ext. 5339

2. Energetic sensitivity sucks. If you’re psychic, you’re walking around with the lid off. You’re picking up crap from the airwaves like you wouldn’t believe: swirling emotional and psychic weather patterns coming off everything around you. Go to a crowded area, for instance, or one full of chaos and negativity—like your typical loud bar on a Saturday night—and it’s like walking naked down a freeway at rush hour. Good training can mitigate some of this—it’s all in the attitude you take to the world—but in most cases, it gets worse as you get increasingly sensitive. (And you wonder why so many psychics are so eccentric…)

3. People dump their crap on you. Many psychics, especially in the early stages, have a sense of wanting to help the world with their gifts. Reality check: This can be the spiritual equivalent of walking around with a garbageman’s outfit on with a “kick me” sign taped to the back. People take it as carte blanche to load you up with as much of their crap as they can get away with before the moment you cry uncle—which, for many, is never. Again, it takes training to mitigate this. Being clear about what’s being exchanged—i.e., money for counseling, not karma for karma—can also help. But it takes time.

4. The spiritual world can be confusing. Look: There’s no rulebook. There’s no single, authoritative source for how this stuff is supposed to work. It’s different for everybody, largely dependent on each individual’s nervous system and cultural background. Consider the accounts of spirituality from the world’s various cultures. You see much overlap between a medieval mystic talking to the Archangel Gabriel and Aboriginal shamans communicating with the Dreamtime? Only about as much overlap as you see between Macintosh and Windows. The details matter. Angel X says reality works this way, Feathered Rainbow Serpent Y says it works that way. Neither account jibes. Approach Feathered Rainbow Serpent Y with the playbook that Angel X gave you, and good luck making it rain, pal. You’ll be lucky to manifest a bus ride home from $1.50 in change. See what I’m getting at here? It’s called the astral plane, and its inhabitants are as diverse and individually quirky as the inhabitants of the human world, all 7 billion of us. The law isn’t the same in Boise as it is in Karachi. No wonder it gets so weird and subjective. Keeping track of so many contradictory world views and angles on the truth can be more work than being a UN translator, and it’s no wonder if people get a little confused and out of touch with the rules of the cold, hard physical world after a while.

All of which (and more—post your own additions below!) goes to show that being psychic can be a hard, hard job, and we should be that much more grateful for the ones who make it through the “rings of fire” that go with this life intact, and who can effectively help. Call one today! Treat them nice! After all, there’s a reason people choose this: they want to help, and they’re good at what they do.

“A psychic sees things from the outside perspective. We as humans have a difficult time stepping outside the box and looking at things from a very neutral standpoint.” – Lacy ext. 5494

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11 thoughts on “Psychic’in Ain’t Easy

  1. SCOTT

    This article is right on! I get the utmost satisfaction when I feel the messages come through so strongly and “feel” how accurate they are, and know at that moment how the client will feel when that message is proven and changes their lifes path for the good! Many people do not fathom the energy and focus it takes for a psychic to be delivering their best performance, and understand that it really can be “hard work” and is actually priceless in a sense. Again, the great satisfaction of making a big difference to someones destiny and at the same time validation is also priceless to the psychic in their own rights. Thank you Krishna Bill for such an accurate explanation of “our side” for all people to have a greater understanding of a psychics perspective. Its articles like this that can open up the worlds eyes about how a psychic lives their life! Great job!!

  2. Kayley

    Great Article! I have friends that want readings for “free”. I usually have to tell them that that work is work. Boundaries are important ~ especially for psychics. Being Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairolfactory, I find it useful to imagine a dimmer switch on the senses. This switch is never all the way off, and those spontaneous insights that come in while ‘off the clock’ are that much more inspiring! Many people say, “You should know, you’re psychic!” That’s when I tell them about the dimmer switch, because if I walked around totally open to everyone’s energies, I’d go crazy with all the information flooding in. Humankind needs psychics like us to remind them of the great gigantic Mysterious; without it – our lives would lose any sense of enchantment. We are blessed guides on the human plane. Those Spirit guides (who rarely speak to me in English) have it easy! Being a human guide is rewardingly difficult, but I love it!

  3. misskrystal

    Thanks, Lisa, I am always here for you and, one day, our football teams will be back on top lol
    I think of you, often. You are a delight and I truly value what we have exchanged here on the blog. Even if your team, a long time ago, spoiled it for my team from going to the championship lol (never had that chance again since then lol) You are awesome.
    Miss Krystal

  4. Fiona x5178

    Krishna–Thank you. I love being a psychic. I always have. And its nice to be believed. Like Abigail, I also know that some people want to be our friends for what we can tell them, not for who we are as people. It hurts, because nobody wants to be used, and we know when that’s happening. I have a prayer list for my clients. Sometimes I tell them I will put them on my list for prayer, and sometimes I just do it silently. I think about so many of them off line. What has meaning for me is that we bless each other and do the work because it is a calling; a path we are lead to follow and that way everybody wins. At the heart of a psychic is universal love. It’s not only a job, it’s a way of living that works for us.
    I salute you all. Much love, Fiona.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    #2 is very true too……

    …that’s why I prefer to live alone in a very rural area in the mountains….where it is peaceful, serene and quiet.

  6. lisaLisa

    Love this article!

    This is a great time to say a BIG, FAT THANK YOU to Gina Rose, Miss Krystal, Kelly and Tammy!

    Wish everyone could turn that blind eye and recognize their third eye!!

    Cyber Hugs,

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Thank You, Krishna Bill for this article…….

    at least somebody out there understands us…..LOL

    ” rings of fire ” indeed…..after 45 years of ” walking the fire ” ….I’ve been tested and tried by many…..

    …but I love what I do, I’m good at what I do….. and I’m walking my Karmic path and fullfilling my Karmic destiny in this field.

  8. Abigail EXT9570

    This article came at the right time for many of us especially with the changes happening ….for some of us have tried to stay away from it for years! Guess what when you are suppose to do the work it gets real painful for you if you do not comply.A lot of sensitives are alone, its hard to find a partner who understands and is not afraid of what you do and how others will see you. This chosen field is rewarding and it is also painful. Think about those with money they struggle with sincerity and love are people just there for the money. For us its a struggle with people wanting to befriend us for readings not for who we are. It’s a double edged sword. We also think about our clients long after the call ends. We pray and send healing loving energy thier way. Connecting to energy of others is draining. 3 hours of reading is equivilant of 9-10 work day. We literally take on the energy of the clients and those they inquire about. Altered states, grounding, protection and cleansing. We also prepare before we log in for our work day so we are a clear channel.

    Thank you Krishna Big Hug to you~

    Many Blessings

  9. quinn

    thank you so much for this article. really really thank you, there are times that it seems that our ego is our only protection and we might appear to be off balance when we are just so sensitive that we pick up world events and things that we have no control over. yet the energy just comes in buckets. psychic guides are buzzing, the earth is shaking, lights are going off and on. the planets are moving, all this stuff going on at once…
    thank you for this article from the bottom of my psychic heart.
    -quinn ext. 5484


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