Psychic Workout: Automatic Writing

Maureen, in Ontario Canada writes:

I am a Leo and would love to be able to link up with my Guides and find answers to my questions by doing automatic writing. I have tried it several times but have not been successful so far. I may be doing something wrong. Can you help me with this?

Automatic writing is a fascinating exercise for both contacting your Guides, and connecting with your higher self. I often suggest this exercise to skeptics because the results of this exercise are hard to dismiss. A spirit connection resulting in writing produced by your own hand makes even the most hardcore skeptic accept this as “proof” of the spiritual realm.

During this exercise, you can chose to connect with a departed spirit, or focus on tapping into your higher consciousness. Automatic writing does not require fancy tools, or inborn psychic skills, just a pencil/pen, and pad of paper. The larger the paper, the better to allow for free flowing writing and movement. Plan your first exercise during a time where you will be free from doorbells or phone calls, just like you might prepare for any other spiritual exercise or prayer. An open mind, and ability to enter a deep meditative state are the only prerequisites.

1. Gather the items required for this exercise; a pen/pencil, and a tablet of paper.

2. Place the tablet of paper on a tray or cookie sheet that you can hold in your lap in a seated posture. This position makes it easier to form a direct connection with spirit, keeping the energy closer to you, as compared with placing the tablet of paper on a desk. You may want to use tape to secure your paper, as the goal is stabilizing the writing surface so your hand can easily move without bunching the paper. You do not want your psychic flow interrupted with unnecessary nuisances.

3. Begin with a brief grounding meditation or prayer to center yourself, while inviting only the purest and safest spirits to assist you in your writing. Allow your eyes to gently close and relax completely. Your goal is to put your “thinking brain” to sleep, while allowing information and energy to flow through your moving hand. You do not want your intellectual mind to interrupt the psychic flow of information. Remember; you will be performing “automatic” writing, and the writing should feel just that, “automatic.”

4. With your eyes feeling heavy, as you slightly peer through a squint, look at the paper below. (You may also do this with your eyes closed if this is easier for you. For some individuals, keeping the eyes closed provides a deeper connection). Begin moving your pen, creating a rhythmical pattern. Pattern suggestions are; circles, figure 8’s, swirls, waves, or loops. As you continue your rhythmical drawing, allow your hand to move in this pattern until it becomes automatic and you are no longer conscious of your hand’s action.

5. Call in a departed loved one, guide, or your higher consciousness. As you do this, do not allow the sound of your voice calling out in thin air to feel like an embarrassment or distraction as this will remove you from your meditative zone. Let the spirits know that you want to contact them specifically through automatic writing, (as opposed to trying to speak to you, or touch you).

6. Yes or no questions are the easiest to begin with. Develop your own personal yes/no code, for example; yes is two loops, and a no is one loop. Ask a yes/no question and allow yourself to feel the flow of your hand, and then take note of the sudden stop, or end of the energetic flow when the answer (or loops) are complete. Limit your initial session to a few yes/no questions so that you do not become frustrated or overwhelmed. This exercise does require patience, and it may take several minutes for you to feel spirit entering or your higher consciousness connecting with the pen and paper.

7. After becoming familiar with the feeling and movement through the yes and no questions, you may proceed with advanced automatic writing. Begin with the rhythmical pattern while asking a question. Tell the spirits what you wish to know, or ask if they have any messages for you. If you want to connect with an unknown or unidentified guide, you may want to begin by asking what their first name is. Don’t interrupt the movement of your hand if it feels drawn to move in a different direction. As spirit begins communicating, the patterns will shift and this is when the writing begins. You will feel the rhythm change and see the writing become slightly more legible, like there is a word waiting to be revealed.

8. Keep your questions limited rather than confusing yourself or your guide by jumping around too much by playing “20 questions.” Save that for after you become an experienced automatic writer. Also, during review of the writing, you will want to remember what your questions were so that you can try and decipher the answers. You may elect to use a new sheet (or section of paper) for each question to avoid confusing the answers.

9. Most importantly, don’t begin your writing analysis while in session. Save this for later, as you don’t want your analytical analysis to shut-down the psychic flow as you write.

10. At the end of each session, thank the devoted guide for their assistance and release them. Take a few deep, awakening breaths and shift back into your alert mind frame. Now you have permission to see what messages you can decipher. At first, the messages or handwriting may not make sense or the penmanship may be difficult to interpret. With practice, the handwriting will become easier to read, but most likely, it will not look like your handwriting. Remember, different spirits (people) have different styles of handwriting. Some guides may be horrible spellers, communicate in shorthand, or even foreign languages. With practice you will be able to get an immediate connection with a spirit, and the writing will become clearer and easier to decipher the words from the scribbles.

11. Always date the bottom of the page so you can later compare the information for accuracy, and to chart your progress over time.

Taking up automatic writing may feel like learning to write all over again. The good news, is that it does get easier quickly. In your next session, it is quite possible that the spirit will be eagerly waiting to speak through you again, picking up where you left off. The messages are endless once you know how to access them.

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” Leonardo Da Vinci


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  1. Mr Milind Mandsorwale

    I happened to perform automatic writing in India in 1994 or so at 1400 hrs on my working job duty. It was sudden and I didn’t intend to write, and also I didn’t know about this. I wrote a tablet size 5 pages in language similar to Chinese or Japanese language. 30 years are over since. No meaning understood. I am very keen to know this. Can you guide me what should I do to reveal it.?

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