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In Reiki l, a student is “attuned” for the first time by a Reiki master. Through the course of Level l, students focus on harnessing energy by learning not to “control” it, but to let it flow through them. Some students are encouraged (as I was) to do a thirty day self-healing treatment while keeping a journal to mark any changes or shifts in body, mind, and spiritual consciousness. In Level II, the student is attuned again, and provided with ancient symbols. So what are they? What do they mean and what are they used for?

Cho-Ku-Rei is the first of the three symbols and is translated as “put all the power of the universe here now.” It is used to increase the flow of Reiki through the practitioner, to increase slow or dense energy of specific chakras on the client and to cleanse rooms of heavy, dark or negative energy. It is used at the very beginning of a treatment and at the end, to seal the healing that has occurred. This symbol is also used for “protection” from having your own vital life forcedrained by other people and negativity.

Seihe Ki (say-hay-key)
Seihe Ki is the second symbol which translates to, “the power of the universe and humanity become one.” The origin of this symbol was derived from the Buddha, Amida Nyorai, found in Japanese esoteric Buddhism. The energy of Amida Buddha is love, compassion, and emotional energy which is why the Seihe Ki symbol is used for emotional healing. It is used for alleviating fear, anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and other forms of emotional issues. Seihe Key does help heal these painful emotions but it is very important to state that it also helps if you’re aware of the root issue/cause of emotionaldistress.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (hon-sha-zay-show-nen)
This is the last symbol learned in Level ll, translated as “the Buddha in me reaches out to the Buddha in you.” Its function in Reiki is to do what is called, “distance healing.” With this symbol, the practitioner can send healing energy to someone across town, across the country, and even across the world. This is because everything we see and don’t see ISenergy and energy is not limited to time or space. It can heal the past as well as, sending energy to build a beautiful future.

Do distance healing on yourself, sending energy to every year of your life from gestation to the present moment. I can’t begin tell you how powerful, healing, and liberating this great act of kindness is to me. Long forgotten memories arise and issues are brought into awareness with crystal clarity, then processed and healed. True forgiveness and understanding toward the people who have hurt or wronged us can begin. It’s like washing your soul in the waves of the loving energy of the universe.

A few things to remember on your journey through Reiki:

The symbols learned in Level ll are not to be mistaken as holding the power of Reiki. Think of the symbols more like triggers. It is the universal life force that is the true power. The symbols are different representations and functions of this force. It’s like showing a peace symbol to someone who has never seen one and has no understanding or knowledge of the peace movement or its history. To this person, it’s just a circle with three lines.

But once the person learns and understands more about the peace movement the symbol becomes alive holding its own energy and meaning. Basically, the symbol holds power once it is embraced and understood, but it’s the energy behind the symbol which has the power.

The practitioners themselves do not actually do the healing. It is the Universal Life Force (Reiki)which performs the healing. We as practitioners are merely attuned to the Reiki energy and are conduits (or channels) for this profound honor to assist healing and development of othersIn Love and Light!

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  1. Tamara

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful information. I have recently been attuned to Level 1 Reiki, and I am doing independent studying on my own so that I understand and honor this ability. Thank you again. Tamara


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