Psychic Success Story: Create Your Dream Career

Go From Desperate Housewife to Fashion Designer!

“Help me quick!” said the caller. “My alimony runs out in a few months, I’ve never worked in 25 years of marriage and I have no education! I need a career and a job yesterday!”

To most of us this may seem like pretty hopeless situation, if we look at this situation logically. But psychic guidance finds solutions in all the nooks and crannies unknown to our human mind. This guidance uncovered immediate solutions for the financial and career emergency faced by our caller Diane (not her real name). Ready to rock your career and financial world? Talk with Psychic Abrielle to see what opportunities await you!

During the call, guidance was received that our desperate housewife with no education and no job history did have talents. Images were received of a closet full of beautiful clothes and buckets of money sitting in her closet. A second vision was of people going in and out of the closet with beautiful clothes.

Diane affirmed that she did love clothes and people were always asking her for fashion guidance. She admitted that for years she was shopping, styling and creating entire fashion looks for friends without charging them a penny. Further psychic information uncovered that when she was a little girl she had dreams of designing clothes, but full-time motherhood and running a household put a hold on that particular dream.

Now, psychic guides are really down-to-earth about money matters – they always direct us to the fastest way to make money, and over time work us into our “dream career.” Diane, even without education and a job, was truly ready to launch a career, and she did!

Guidance was given for her to launch a no-cost Web site showcasing her fashion consulting business, to use her own computer to create low-cost business cards and brochures, and create a list of all the people she had helped in the past. She was then guided to network with all the people she had given fashion counseling to and was able to schedule paid fashion stylist sessions for immediate income.

One year later, Diane continues to experience financial growth and happiness with her career. She has started a fashion blog centered around how to look gorgeous after 40, and now has received national attention for her work. Her next plans are to design a fashion line, and she is looking at investors to begin this process. “I had no idea how much money was in my closet!” she exclaimed happily.

I’m receiving guidance for all our California Psychics’ clients that we all have talents, ideas, hobbies that can be turned into immediate cash if the universe is sending us an economic challenge. The reminder from the guides here for all of us is that an economic challenge can be a tremendous growth opportunity, and we did come to planet earth to grow!

Encouragement is being given to all our California Psychics’ clients that even if you have adequate financial resources and a job, it’s like having a lot of money saved in the bank to plan out in advance what businesses you could quickly create from your hobbies, talents and ideas. Also, as you make this plan, you might surprise yourself and start that business on the side. We humans are born to create, and every time you engage that creativity, your life will be happier and richer! What new opportunities await for you? Talk to Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 and find out!

Best of luck to you, Diane, as you continue your career and financial growth, and best of luck to all our California Psychics’ readers who are going to take a new look at their hobbies, ideas and talents to plan a new business!

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  1. Katrina

    Fantastic advice and guidance, Abrielle!

    I love this and it helps me as a psychic too!

    You are the best!!



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