DreamCast: Marriage Counseling Through Your Dreams

A Look at Your Marriage Through Your Dreams

Althea in Romford, England writes:

One night I dreamt that I couldn’t find my car – it wasn’t where I had parked it. So I tried to get into another car that was parked where my car was. I opened the door, but didn’t get in because I realized I didn’t want to.

The next night, I was driving what I thought was my car, but as I looked up I saw that my car was in front of me, with the bonnet (hood) up and jump leads attached to the battery. The car I was driving was behind my car, trying to push it.

I am an Aquarian, married to an Aquarian and having an emotional affair with a Leo.

“When he or she is driving you nuts, reflect on the qualities that first drew you to your partner and what you like about him or her today.” – Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214

Hello Althea,

I wonder if the two cars symbolize each of your relationships. The first car (your husband, perhaps?) isn’t where you parked it, which may indicate you’ve lost track of your marriage somehow. It’s also stuck. Your relationship needs an infusion of emotional energy (jump leads), which may or may not bring it back to life.

Next, you had the opportunity to get into another car (another relationship), but chose not to. However, you did so, eventually, mistaking it for your car. Do you feel the Leo doesn’t really belong with you? As for one car pushing the other, it seems you’re trying to use the emotional energy from one relationship to jumpstart the other. Does that make sense?

On a different track, the cars might represent a career or lifestyle choice you need to make that’s causing some confusion. In any case, it’s important to know what you want so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Sweet dreams,


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