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“You are totally in charge of your own reality and you can use your thoughts and words to create the life you want,” says Rose Mary ext. 9549, who has been a professional psychic, medium, and Reiki Healing Master for the past 35 years. “You have to stay true to your dreams and get doubts out of the way so things can manifest. My purpose is to empower people with that knowledge,” adds the psychic who regularly works with four major archangels.

And this is what she did when Meredith (not her real name) called wanting to discuss some of her life issues. Before the call began, Rose Mary took a deep breath, surrounded herself with white light and said an opening prayer.

Initially, Meredith wanted to discuss her current relationship. The 50-year-old real estate agent from Alaska wanted to upgrade her union with a man she’d been dating for eight months but something was holding her back from speaking up.

When she said this, Rose Mary got an image of two people separated by a black wall. She sensed that this man wasn’t serious about intensifying their union and taking the next step. According to Rose Mary, he was going to sheepishly crawl away. Better she collect her energy for more fruitful endeavors. Despite the psychic’s prediction, Meredith eventually broached the subject and was hopeful. But a week later, he stopped calling altogether. Rose Mary had been right.

“We ended up speaking several times after that,” Rose Mary explained. “She was impressed by my warning. It was during that initial call that I told her that she needed to focus on her career and the project she had in mind. When I said this, I felt her light up with enthusiasm.”

In fact, Meredith had been secretly working on a book and her dream was to land an agent and go on a book tour. “Do you see my book being a success,” she asked?

“Yes I do, but you need to cast away doubts and trepidation and fill your mind with positive thoughts,” Rose Mary replied. “You’re standing in your own way.”

Meredith explained that she really wanted to work with a particular agent but she wondered whether that was possible. Rose Mary insisted that the woman she referred to was going to call. “I just knew. I just knew it,” Rose Mary recalls.

But Meredith didn’t believe her. “That seems very unlikely. The woman is super busy,” she retorted.” Again, Rose Mary told her that her thoughts and words could sabotage her future. She needed to remain focused and positive-minded. In turn, Meredith promised to keep her eye on the prize. After the prediction regarding her relationship came true, Meredith had even more reason to believe in Rose Mary’s message. She pursued the agent and it was a success!

A month later, Meredith called to relay that the agent had called her. The two had hit it off on a personal level and her book was now in the process of publication. Her dream was coming true! And it was all because Rose Mary had reminded her to stick true to her inner desires and not let any uncertainties get in the way now!

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