Your Baby by Sign

So that little bundle of joy has finally arrived and you’re wondering what the little one is going to be like. You want to be a good parent, sibling or grandparent to the new family member, but babies and tots can often be just plain mysterious.

Are they just plain bored, super-sensitive, or intense? Of course, each and every child is an individual, but astrology can give you some helpful keys to understanding your baby’s basic instincts as well as their lasting characteristics. Astrology can help you understand important things about your little one’s nature that aren’t baby book-obvious. You’ll know why your tiny Capricorn is so serious, how come sweet baby Pisces may need gentle nurturing over discipline and how energetic Scorpio is a quick learner.

To get a more in-depth understanding of your child’s astrological sign, have your baby’s birth chart done – just knowing their rising sign or ascendent will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of your little one’s soul. To really find out how your child’s birth sign affects you as a parent and how your own sign might determine your relationship, talk to an astrologer or psychic.

In many ways, your child will be the envy of the neighborhood. Little Libras are often self-possessed, charming, and later in life quite stylish. Underneath the surface equanimity, though, is a sensitive heart that suffers privately and quietly. Always be sure not to take advantage of this child’s natural ability to give. Then teach them how to receive with grace. This will thwart their innate tendency for self-sacrifice.

The smoldering qualities of your little Scorpio will become obvious later, but from the very beginning you can count on hidden and intense passions, eruptions and no end of interesting diversions from this babe. Despite their emotional complexity and deceptive maturity, remember that this force of nature is still very much a child.

One of the zodiac’s charmers, these children are radiant, active and both interested and interesting. Be careful to cultivate patience, stick-to-itiveness, and an ability to tolerate tedium to help this child excel in life. Let them flit from one interest, and one friend to the next too easily and later in life, they’ll find it hard to focus long enough to tempt success to their side.

This baby can look like quite the little old wrinkled person in its infancy, but as wise as they appear, they welcome a real show of affection and attention. Later a depth of seriousness will mark this child’s endeavors and passions in life. Try to encourage a belief in “try and try again” because this babe will need to learn that success comes from learning from your mistakes, not being perfect from the get-go.

It can be maddeningly hard to read this little angel, but the natural, free charm of its spirit usually makes all those affected tolerant. Mind a tendency on your part to be over-indulgent or over-restrictive, neither tactic will work with this spirited child. Over time, focus on teaching limits and consequences and this special babe will flourish.

Sensitive and sweet, sometimes lost in visions of delights, this affectionate, smiling baby is one to cherish. As he or she grows older, encourage them to test decisions with reason before leaping ahead. When a child is this dreamy, stolid souls will try and make them stronger through force. Sadly, that will only serve to create even more confusion, (and even less decisiveness) in the child’s character. Be sure to monitor the effect tougher authority figures have on your child.

This little firecracker will go non-stop, these children will literally take on the world. Stillness and introspection are painful for these dynamos. They will go to extreme lengths to keep moving, and whenever possible will keep things exciting and even chaotic. Patience will be your best tactic when attempting to curb this baby’s impulsiveness.

A Taurean baby is deeply observant, actively processing everything around them. Due to their native caution they can seem placid, but in this case still waters run deep. Give this child a true sense of acceptance and security and later in life this early support will allow them to become successful, ambitious and possibly wealthy.

These little charmers will be so much fun – up until the moment when they suddenly become disruptive and sullen. Over time little Geminis learn that it’s more fun (and more effective) to be sunny, so they hide their darker side – but beware, when it comes out it must be reckoned with. An even hand on your part will cultivate an even temperament in this child.

The wondrous depth of sensitivity can be inspiring and moving in this Moon child, and it can also be very, very trying. These children feel things very deeply making them creative and artistic but also easily wounded, easily frustrated and easily discouraged. Teach them to buck themselves up, to endure despite disappointments and their subtle talents will lead them to success.

Sunny, magnetic and with a smile that scintillates the very air around them, this baby is a crowd pleaser much of the time. However, over years, an awareness of their charm on others can make them disregard their own feelings so that they can become strangers to themselves. While they’re small, teach them to recognize, name and appreciate their own feelings and they’ll live whole, creative and happy lives.

The deep, serious eyes of these babes are compellingly beautiful, and even at an early age it’s easy to see their intensity. These children are committed to their interests, to working things through and often to helping others in a way that is unusual in children. Bolster them against their self-critical nature, teach them to have perspective on themselves and their actions, don’t let them wallow in guilt and they will be a gift in the lives of all those they come to know intimately.

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