Psychic Sees Husband’s Double Life

Can you imagine being happily married one day, only to have the love of your life ask you for that kind of “space” the very next? It’s no surprise that you’re in shock. After all, you didn’t drag each other to the courthouse… you took vows, signed papers and were proclaimed man and wife in front of your best friends and the judge – happily. Willingly.

So what happened? That’s exactly what Hannah (not her real name) was wondering when she called psychic Anasela ext. 5154 for a general reading, after her 7-month marriage took a staggering turn.

“Do you have a particular focus?” the Clairvoyant asked as she opened the reading – with an intense sense of her caller’s situation.

“No just whatever you get,” Hannah responded abruptly.

“A man and woman stand together in union, though the woman is emotionally separated from the man,” Anasela began.

“Uh-huh,” Hannah reacted.

“The man was raised in a different culture. His family is pulling him away…”

“Hmm,” she responded, unemotionally.

“He is torn. This is a man who doesn’t know how to settle things.”

Hannah then began to cry, and she ended her first call to the psychic, saying, “I know what I have to do.”

Over the next several calls Hannah warmed to Anasela, and explained that she had intuited that John’s family (not his real name) had something to do with their estrangement. But it was only after her reading with Anasela that she took the initiative to email her husband’s brother in India. He admitted that their parents had been trying to arrange a marriage for him for years! John’s brother clearly had no idea Hannah and John were married. And Hannah was surprised that her husband was communicating with his parents in India – he had always maintained that his parents were merely his family of birth. He felt close to the American family he had been sent to live with as a teenager.

“John will come back to you,” the psychic reassured Hannah each time the troubled woman called to talk.

“But my husband’s been leading a double life,” Hannah responded. “John’s family believes he’s an eligible bachelor! His brother told me that over the years, as we’ve been seeing each other, he’s turned down several arranged-marriage possibilities. It was all done by phone and email.… My marriage is a joke.”

“It’s not that John doesn’t legitimately love you,” Anasela assured Hannah. “He got in too deep, and now he feels guilty and ashamed. When the battling is over within himself, he will come back.”

“This is so cruel. I cry, I can’t work. Why would I want him back?” Hannah asked angrily, and then continued heatedly, “so when is he thinking of getting me to forgive him?”

“Blessings sometimes take time to work out. Send him clarity every day. Send him blessings. Pray that he comes back to you willingly. I see a shift coming, but good things don’t happen overnight…”

“Whaaa…?” Hannah gulped. Anasela knew that her caller was rolling her eyes. “I don’t even know if I really want him back!”

“Now that his parents know about the marriage, they will calm down. They will ask you to marry again in India,” the psychic told her client.

The next time Hannah called, she excitedly relayed her good news to Anasela. “John moved back in… we’ve worked things out, sort of. You were right… he didn’t know how to handle his family. I’m excited, but I’m still hurt, too. Please look at the cards! Make sure he’s back with me for the right reasons.”

The psychic confirmed that John and Hannah would eventually find new strength together. “I think you’ll get married again in India,” she revealed. She knew Hannah was rolling her eyes at that idea.

“Well the clothes are beautiful,” she conceded, with good humor. “I suppose if I’m sure his family has accepted me, there’s a possibility. Right now, we both need time to heal. You know, I feel like you’ve been holding my hand right over the phone… Your faith in my future was awesome!”

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  1. Hasan

    Tammy Day – I Luv u guys! One thing to remember in order to stay in love with each other. You have to be in love with a man . and His name is Jesus! Oh and ocnsiaocally Jon-Jon may blurt this out at any given random time or place.


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