Fez the Dog Whisperer?

He’s no pet psychic, but apparently Wilmer Valderrama (remember Fez the foreign exchange student on That 70’s Show?) has signed up to be on a new comedy series spoofing Cesar Millan – the Dog Whisperer himself. The details are still being worked out, but the show will air on Fox.

Pet psychics, any advice on tips to understand and train pets? I think Fez will need all the help he can get.

3 thoughts on “Fez the Dog Whisperer?

  1. Whisperer in Michigan

    You must always remain calm, assertive, and balanced when working with animals. They communicate with each other through energy, and you cannot lie, or hide your energy no matter how you try. Your pet, and any other animal knows you better than you know yourself.A calm assertive pack leader makes all the difference in the life of an animal. I have yet to meet a dog that didn’t respond positively to my guidance, and confidence. I have also seen the sad effects of someone who is a neurotic train wreck, and the havoc that wreaks on the poor animals as well. They only understand two position in life, leader, and follower,..if you are not a calm assertive pack leader, guess who thinks he is going to be ? …thats right,.. ;0)

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    AND…..animals can literally SMELL your emotions…..which is why dog handlers, and cat handlers too, in the show ring chew gum.
    So that the dogs or cats cannot smell nervousness on their breath and become nervous themselves as a result.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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