Psychic Raziel: Why Read With Me

Why Read With Me

There are an abundance of world-class psychics with very diverse areas of expertise at California Psychics. It’s true that all psychics have a divine or sacred gift, but each of us are very unique too.

My life position as a psychic is that of a multi-layered sensory being who is the intermediary between my caller’s higher self, unconscious mind and spirit guides. I can give anyone who calls me information about their situation, but I have more to give than just information.

The circumstances and choices that present themselves in our lives sometimes make it very difficult to know if we control our destiny or if our destiny controls us. One may ask the question, “Is this something new I’m learning from life or is it just the same thing over and over again?”.

With my clairvoyant sense of knowing, I see your highest potential, and with your permission allow your guides to redirect you towards true happiness and the right pathway for you. When I tune into you, I’m also able to access the time lines and allow my guides to perform past life resolutions, and this is the gift that comes from having access to the Akashic Record.

The Akashic Record can be used to reprogram our lives right now because it’s the soul’s experiences and attitudes past, present and future all recorded in the light body library. It’s that point of light that holds the very essence of who we are and what our chosen path is too.

“It is written in the stars.” “It is destined.” We have all heard these words spoken many times and sometimes it’s empowering and other times it’s our soul’s entrapment. We understood that Karma could just be a subliminal memory trace from past lives with no relevance to who we are. A lot of people find themselves in relationships or situations that never change, the patterns continuing from the past.

In a reading with me, I connect to your information and as soon as the cells of light (Akashic Record) open around any question, there is profound healing that happens on the soul level. This healing is the result of letting go and rearranging unconscious, emotional memories associated with the root of any issue being addressed. This is synchronized as I tune into you and facilitated by your guides and mine.

Prophetic dreams happen to many people and in all my readings I delight in offering suggestions on how the caller can understand the psychic messages they receive through their dreams. Dreams offer us a personal psychic language and the symbols within them that can trigger psychic development. Learning how to understand our own psychic language in dreams and at any time is universally helpful to yourself and everyone else. I can help you understand how to read and decode these messages in any reading.

To receive a reading from me with the intention of clearing energy blocks from past lives is very effective as a means of changing the future. I find that most clients get exactly what they need by focusing on their question or intention and that way they are also co-creating the solution. However, every reading is so unique and different that whatever comes through the channel is what is to be addressed at the time and your questions are always welcome.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I am professional career psychic, with over 45 years of experience doing readings globally, well known ( and published ) in the paranormal and metaphysical field, and with over 30 years experience in testing, certifying, and training would be psychics…..and , I HIGHLY recommend a reading with Raziel.
    He is the REAL deal, my fellow bloggers. That is a very rare endorsement by me .


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