Will the Venus-Mars Conjunction Enhance Love?

Ready for Love

Venus and Mars will form a rare conjunction in Aries on April 6. The forecast here is the same for all—if you’re single, you may finally find true love; if you’re attached, love can grow deeper and stronger. Generally speaking, conjunctions are strong. They mingle and magnify energies and intensify the moment.

Whether or not you love mythology, the tale of Venus and Mars is well known as a clandestine love affair, and the two lovers have come to represent the yin and yang of love throughout the ages. These two lovers conjunct approximately every two years, depending on retrogrades and normal cycles. Suffice it to say, it’s a fairly rare and auspicious event that signals love in the air.

Beautiful Venus

Venus represents love itself. She is the epitome of affection as well as being possessive and extravagant. Venus rules both Taurus (love of the finer things in life) and Libra (the sign of partnerships). Art, beauty, money, passion and pleasure are all represented by the Goddess Venus.

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The Warrior Mars

Mars represents the physical side of love, passion and is filled with boundless energy. As ruler of the first sign in the zodiac, Aries, Mars is the initiator unafraid to embark on new adventures aggressively. He is impulsive and spontaneous, and even more so when he shares the sky with Venus.

Venus-Mars Conjunction in Aries

When Venus and Mars come together, it’s easier than normal to connect with someone else. Your love life has the potential to take you places you never even dreamed of. We are a little more amorous and a little less fearful than we usually are as the energies are amplified by each other.

Uranus, the planet of originality and individual expression as well as revolutionary action is also in Aries at the time of this conjunction, lending its own flavor to this conjunction.

When Uranus is sharing a sign with Mars, swift impulse and action come into play. Meeting someone under this energy may speed up commitment or it might also be a fleeting moment—here one minute and gone the next.

When Uranus is in the same sign as Venus, we might see romance with rose-colored glasses or we may act out of character or even be extra-experimental during passionate interludes.

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So, take a chance on love and step out of your normal sphere. To find love, you have to go out and meet it; it won’t just come knocking at your door. Luckily the Aries energy provides us with initiative, courage and a sense of fearlessness. We want to get out and mingle and we should. Even established couples can find new and exciting ways to spend more meaningful moments together and deepen their passion for one another.

Whatever you choose to do with the Venus-Mars conjunction energy, know that you won’t have to try very hard. It’s quite a cocktail for passionate encounters—whether you intend them to last for now or forever.

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