Psychic Predictions: We’re Human Too!

Getting the Inside Scoop on Psychic Predictions

Have you ever spoken to more than one psychic about the same issue only to get conflicting information? Believe me when I say that I’ve seen this happen time and time again. When people ask me why this happens, I say, “Don’t give up your power to a psychic… or anyone else!” That’s not to say that going to a psychic is a bad thing… it’s actually good. California Psychics employs some of the world’s best and most ethical psychics on the planet, in my opinion. When you speak with an ethical psychic, their intention is to empower you and to provide you with the best possible service and advice (based on their own knowledge and gifts) by bringing information to the fore that is meant for you to hear and for your highest good at the time of your call. Most seasoned and ethical psychics have earned great wisdom with natural and cultivated intuition combined. We see, hear, and feel you as well as your universal connection. However, predictions can be tricky. That’s not to say that we cannot predict outcomes, but relying on these predictions and basing your future decisions on that prediction is not always in your best interest.

We are responsible for our own thoughts, actions, and deeds. Most trajectories can change and we need to understand that our thoughts, words, and decisions can change the direction in our lives. So, if a psychic predicts an outcome, it is wise to listen cautiously, carefully, and with an open mind because the prediction is based on the energy as it stands in the moment the question is asked. There are so many factors to consider when asking for a prediction. Other free-willed people, for instance. If asking about a relationship where there’s been a separation, and whether or not he or she is coming back, the psychic may see them coming back to you and this may be because that’s your intention as well as the other person’s intention at the time. That free-willed person can change their mind. You could change your mind. Perhaps they get cold feet and choose to postpone that decision and then, all of a sudden, another person enters your life that you fall in love with. You just never know.

Most of the time, a psychic sees what’s going on in that moment. For example, one of my clients and I were talking and out of the blue I asked her, “are you getting a new car?” She said she didn’t know but found out, later, her husband was out purchasing her a new car as a surprise. The operative word was “are.” I could see that she was getting a new car but she didn’t know it at the time because her circumstances as far as she was aware, in that moment, were such that she was not able to buy a new car. It was very much appreciated that she called me weeks later to say she did get a new car so that I could celebrate her happiness with her.

Psychics can tell if you are having difficulties in your relationship but they can not always predict how it will end up. We can see alternatives and whether or not that person is good for you, what that person’s intentions are, what they are thinking and feeling, and whether the energy is conducive to meeting someone new. Sometimes we can see a marriage in the offing, but “happily ever after?” Well…that’s up to you.

You can ask questions about your finances and we can see options, but we do not always see if you will win the lottery. Get the picture?

Another factor that can make or break a prediction is how close in time it’s supposed to happen.

Years ago, I received a startling vision of a client being assaulted by a man, near her car, in the nighttime with bruises on her body and I told her about it. I told her to be careful and I described, in detail, what I was seeing at that moment. She dismissed the prediction during our reading because she wanted to talk about something else. The assault happened two nights later. She was OK and remembered the prediction just prior to it happening. She was able to make quick decisions and she got away from her attacker, unscathed. Things like this just happen when spirit wants to warn us. People don’t usually ask if they will be assaulted within three days.

Psychics are human too. We are not God. We don’t do mind control. We cannot fix all your problems. We do not always see everything going on in your life. And, we sometimes misinterpret the messages we receive about you. We just have a connection to spirit and universal energy, that everyone possesses, and we are the conduits of information for you to receive at the time of your session. It is not the psychic’s job to tell you what to do but it is our job to help empower you on your path to success in every area of your life, when you ask for our help, by showing you the options available for you to choose from. At the end of the day, it is always your choice in how you respond to the issues at hand. Never give all your power away to a psychic and if you speak to one who wants you to keep coming back to them in order for you to make the most minute decision, then you are giving over your power, to someone else, to create your own life.

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Predictions: We’re Human Too!

  1. Jolene M. Bries-Jensen

    I confer with psychics regularly. When there is turbulence in my life I make a decision and then run it by someone. This gives me a confidence that I am moving in the direction that is for my higher good. I want to live my life to my FULL potential and a psychic can bring me to heights that I never thought possible…

  2. Psychic WhitneyPsychic Whitney

    Psychic responses are not set in stone. They are based on possibilities and probabilities as the energy reads at the time. For example, a friend consulted numerous psychics about their relationship. His girlfriend suddenly broke it off and he didn’t see it coming. Most of the psychics told him she would be back and the balance would be restored. A few of the psychics did not see her returning to him. Two years later, she still hadn’t returned. Why? She exercised her free-will choice to move on. At the time of the readings, she was still in his energetic space and she still loved him but she was unwilling and unable to move past her blocks and fears to move forward with him. She chose a different path. Consequently, another woman entered his life, they fell in love, and they are now engaged to be married. He’s very happy now. During the two year time of separation, this man gained much more insight about himself through his Psychic associations, was able to move past his disappointment, feel empowered to make positive steps in his life, and he found someone else who was better suited for him. He attributes this to the help he got from his favorite psychics he consulted.

  3. Shannon

    What, then, is the point of consulting a psychic? I can get advice for how to proceed with certain issues in my life from my mom or someone who knows me very well.

  4. Marc from the UK

    Brilliant news!!! So When i was told by a Psychic ( in the UK) that I will not be Rich, she could of been wrong???!!! fab stuff lol!


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