Give Your Relationship the Best Chance for Success

Can You Keep it Together?

While there is no pat answer to a blissful happily-ever-after, there are certain behaviors and choices you make every day which either support your love for one another, or weaken it. Let’s look at some ways to give your relationship the best chance for eternal success!


Taking one another for granted after years together is an easy, and destructive thing to do. As life’s challenges often monopolize your time and attention, simply appreciating one another’s abilities to handle those pressures as a couple is often forgotten; as is the reason you fell in love with him or her to begin with. Take some moments every day to continue seeing, and appreciating those amazing things in your partner which make you smile, turn you on, and genuinely make you love and respect them. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!


While appreciating things in your partner is key, so is sharing that appreciation with them. Compliments make us feel good and validate our efforts. Lifting one another up throughout the day is an essential and positive aspect to a happy and healthy relationship, so no skipping the praise!

No Unfair Expectations

Placing unreasonable expectations on your mate can only end one way—with destruction. It’s imperative to love your partner for who they are and not who they may be one day. Only disappointment and resentment on both sides will result from this setup, so approach your relationship with realistic love and acceptance.

“You don’t have to understand sex to enjoy it.” – Kelli ext. 5130

No Fighting Dirty

Disagreements are a fact of life, but how you argue can make all of the difference. Bringing up past mistakes, vulnerabilities, and insecurities while dealing with a new issue isn’t fair to your partner and roadblocks you two from working through the problem at hand. If your mate feels like he will be constantly barraged by his every past mistake, he probably won’t feel empowered to try to compromise on a present issue he feels you’ll never move past either.

Play Together

Just because you make a great working team doesn’t mean you don’t need your couple playtime too. Enjoying outings, silly time, and escapism are just as important to your relationship bonding as all other activities, so make the time.

Date Nights

Romance should never be on life support in your relationship, so keep it on the priority list. Even with your busy schedules, it’s worth the effort to squeeze in a night of romance (and flirting and foreplay) to keep your sexy coupledom in check, and satiated!

“For some, love and sex are intertwined, but most people have the ability to enjoy love without sex or sex without love—if they let go and allow themselves to do so.” – Reed ext. 5105

A Little Breathing Space

Just as quality time together is imperative, so is the time you spend outside of the relationship. A little room to breathe is good for every partnership and allows each partner to develop healthy friendships, or to perhaps enjoy much needed alone time after a long day or week. Constantly tripping over one another day in and day out can wear on even the healthiest of relationships.

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3 thoughts on “Give Your Relationship the Best Chance for Success

  1. Angela

    These are good points to know when dealing with your sweetie to not sweat the small stuff. You are going to have disagreements its how you handle the disagreements that matters. Love conquers all. I truly believe that anyway.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Stellar 5 star article !!!!!!

    Couples should print this out and stick it on the fridge, or somewhere, where they can read it now & agan.

  3. -quinn ext. 5484

    wonderful article. it would great if more couples stayed together and worked through problems. many just leave at the onset of issues only to find that they have the same issues with someone new.
    staying together for the long haul is not easy, this article should be printed out and referred to when needed.
    happy loving.


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