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Psychic Marin ext. 5113 Interviews Psychic Miranda ext. 5290

In preparation for my reading with Miranda, I spent a brief moment in meditation. Visualizing myself connecting to her energy and inviting insight she had to offer, I was immediately given an image of a rainbow, bridging us from one end of the phone to the other.

When she picked up the call, I felt the connection we shared and could see the rainbow colors swirling around her, landing on the table before her. Not surprisingly, she informed me that she incorporates crystals in her readings, and had an array of them spread out as a rainbow. The crystals waited patiently before her, ready to pick up at any point in the reading, wanting to be held and eager to speak.

Miranda identified me as “Jade,” and after picking up her Jade stone, she began to describe the qualities of Jade, and how that stone was representative of me. She offered details and described specific personality traits and my abilities as a healer. I proceeded to ask questions about others in my life. I could see the spread of crystals identifying me and surrounding loved ones.

Utilizing the same processes, she was able to draw additional crystals, and connect with the people dearest to me. She described their individual involvement in my life, and even humorously elaborated on my son’s personal destiny which included a one-in-a million career opportunity, that resonated with me and is completely foreseeable!

The method in which Miranda incorporated her crystals, and how they served as a conduit for her to channel divine information was intriguing. I wanted to understand more about her psychic process and how it unfolds in a reading. She explained that during a reading, the crystals are spread out in front of her, and she is compelled, or rather, “led,” to select and hold specific crystals that will serve as the channel for her to receive information. While embracing the crystal, rapid images and messages will begin to form which she then coveys to the caller. The crystals afforded a varying amount of information. During our reading, Rose Quartz had a wealth of information to offer me regarding romance and love, while with other crystals, namely Citrine, had a single, poignant message regarding finances. As the rainbow of energy hovered in front of Miranda, it was if she could simply reach out and touch me by touching her crystal.

Having experienced almost every type of divinatory reading from phrenology, to tea-leaf readings, I had never had the pleasure of a crystal reading. Miranda’s style and process was refreshingly different, and the information she was able to offer was “crystal-clear.”

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5 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Get Crystal Clear Answers

  1. Psychic Giovannax5214

    What a great article! I’ve always wondered how crystal readings work (I am no-tools), and this was a beautiful explanation of the connection process (and of both of your gifts). I could vividly see the process unfolding myself through your descritption, Marin.

    Many thanks and blessings to both Marin and Miranda for sharing your light and gifts with us here at CP! =)


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