Astrology: Who Are You Anyway, Cancer?

A Closer Look

In astrology, your Sun sign is who you are at the core and your Moon sign is your emotional self. Together they are the foundation of you. Your rising sign (how others see you) and all of the planets in your chart form the entire picture, but the Sun sign/Moon sign combination is the stock of your “soup.” Your Moon sign is something that’s easy to find, but doing so may leave you feeling a bit naked.

If Cancer is your Sun sign, here are all the Moon signs. Your Moon sign is determined by where the moon was at your time of birth. What does your Moon Sign say about you?

Aries Moon

You have an active mind and a drive to succeed, and being relaxed is not a mode that you’re very comfortable in. You have the ability and desire to be a force of good in all you do.

Taurus Moon

You have the ability to know what a person is all about within the first few minutes of meeting them. You take a careful and cautious approach to just about everything.

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Gemini Moon

You may not always speak up right away, but you’re always ready to fight the good fight when it counts. You’re also pretty good at convincing others of your viewpoint.

Cancer Moon

You either freely spill your emotions to just about anyone, or you keep everything to yourself. There’s no in between. You’re always willing to help others in need.

Leo Moon

When it comes to people and money, you seem to have a great handle on the Law of Attraction. If you every find yourself on shaky ground, you scramble to your feet. Nothing keeps you down for long.

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Virgo Moon

You’re a very kind and considerate person who takes a somewhat careful approach to life. You’re also pretty smart, and absolutely nobody’s fool.

Libra Moon

You have a kind and generous heart that’s bigger than Texas. Libra Moons may have trouble feeling secure at times, but you are always sure and steady in your loyalty to the ones you love.

Scorpio Moon

You’re sensitive and guard against letting people know the real you. Perhaps they will know how to break your heart. Trusting in your own judgment is the key.

Sagittarius Moon

Anyone in need would do well to have you for a friend as you’re always willing to step up to the plate. You’re lighthearted and ambitious and people automatically notice your warmth.

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Capricorn Moon

You are very diligent when focused on a task and you will see it through to the end. You cannot rest comfortably for long while there are still things on your list to be done.

Aquarius Moon

You have a pretty good pulse on what is going on around you and who is doing what. No one can tell where you’ll land next or when, but you enjoy the ride.

Pisces Moon

You’re extremely intuitive and probably the most easy-going of all the Cancer/Moon sign combinations. You’ve always landed on your feet and you have no reason to doubt that will ever change.

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