Psychic Answers: Getting Over a Broken Relationship

Sometimes it makes it easier to weather the effects of a broken relationship by keeping in mind that life is impermanent: situations, people and relationships can change – and sometimes end. Yet no matter who is doing the leaving, there is a sense of loneliness and isolation that comes with taking the next steps to a solo path. “There’s a three-part process to make this transition period less painful,” says Joey ext. 9406 , who as a psychic and empathic spiritual advisor, picks up on every nuance of her client’s pain and strives to help them overcome it.

Here’s what she said:

To make this transition period less painful and complicated, nurture yourself during the recovery process by surrounding yourself with supportive friends, employing a “no contact” rule with your ex, and making a serious effort to nurture your body, mind and spirit as you heal.

When the people who are close to you tell you to lean on them, do it! Good friends and relatives will listen, give you feedback, validation and, more importantly, get you out of your environment and make you laugh. This kind of distraction and diversion is an excellent tactic to take your mind off the breakup. Of course the hurt will be there, but there’s nothing like knowing you are loved and cherished for who you are by the people who stand by you in life.

Another thing to take very seriously, when the breakup is real and of the forever nature, is to do your best to have a “no contact” rule – or at least as little contact as possible with your former love. Time is wasted on push-pull arguments and blame games. Even sending out others to spy and report back to you doesn’t allow for the “space and time” you need to mourn the end and begin to heal. The very worst thing to do is hate the other person or seek revenge, as it ultimately feeds on itself and destroys the vessel in which it is contained.

Take care of yourself tenderly during this period; take long walks, workout, get massages or whatever else makes you feel a little spoiled or happy. Who knows, with that kind of self-love and care you may just meet the person you are “supposed” to be with. But having said that, avoid looking for a relationship on the rebound to try to repair your loneliness. Chances are that when the relationship went sour, you were already feeling lonely. How many times have you heard, “It’s better to be happy alone, than with someone who does not make you happy.” And as trite as it may sound, it’s true that in order to attract someone great and worthy of you, you do have to be happy yourself.

You will recover and radiate again. In the meantime, meditate, breathe, pray if you are so inclined. Having a spiritual guide to help you through this can be as important as having good friends. And, when you’re ready, don’t forget to visualize what you want and need from your next relationship.

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