Are You High (or Low) Maintenance?

Your last girlfriend expected a dozen roses every Friday. One guy you dated needed phone calls reassuring your fidelity every 15 minutes you were out with your friends. Your co-worker’s cousin went out with someone who required seven days notice to even consider going for coffee! We’ve all heard the term “high maintenance” and know the type of people it describes.

But where do you honestly fall on the relationship maintenance scale? This little score-it-yourself quiz should help you see how much upkeep you really require.

1. You meet someone on a Tuesday. That Saturday they call. You…

a) Don’t answer. I ruled them out when they hadn’t called Wednesday. (+ 5 points)
b) Answer and chat about your Friday night. Maybe make plans for the next week. (+ 2 points)
c) Agree to meet for coffee in an hour – since you didn’t have other plans. (0 points)

2. It’s your third date. If your date doesn’t reach for their wallet…

a) My treat! They paid the first two anyway. (0 points)
b) We’re going Dutch. (+ 2 points)
c) We’re not leaving. (+ 5 points)

3. At work, if your assistant gets your coffee order wrong after they’ve been working for you for a few weeks you…

a) Gently remind them how you like your Starbucks. (+ 2 points)
b) Know it’s not working. They’re fired (if not immediately, soon). (+ 5 points)
c) Say nothing. Maybe you should take sugar and whole milk anyway. (0 points)

4. You’re at a party when the person you’re with sees someone they know and excuses themselves for just a minute. You stand by yourself and then…

a) Make conversation with someone near the bar. (+2 points)
b) Down a few drinks then hide in the bathroom (0 points)
c) Throw a fit and/or leave after five minutes (+5 points)

5. You’re going in on a vacation rental with friends. It’s time to go grocery shopping. You…

a) Spearhead the endeavor, getting everyone’s list and dividing the bill fairly. (+2 points)
b) Make a lot of specifications about your ovo-lacto-vegatarian diet and preferences for only French wine and expect to pay only for what you’ve asked for. (+ 5 points)
c) Say you’re cool with anything and offer to cook. (0 points)

6. You compromise…

a) Always. Meeting half way is always the best way. (0 points)
b) When it’s necessary, I’m happy to come to an agreement. (+2 points)
c) Compromise is settling. I don’t settle. (+5 points)

7. Your significant other surprises you with your usual favorite take out Chinese – but you weren’t really expecting it. You…

a) Down it all and give them a little extra special dessert anyway. (0 points)
b) Get silently annoyed. You were really in the mood for pizza. But don’t say anything. (+ 2 points)c) Throw a fit. Why don’t they ever ask you what you want?! (+ 5 points)

8. True or False: Your expectations differ depending on whether or not you’re paying for a date/trip/dinner, etc.

a) True – If I’m paying, we’re on a budget… if not, it’s luxury all the way! (+ 5 points)
b) True – If I want pricey things, I’ll pay for them myself. No one has to pamper me. (0 points)
c) False – I want the same things either way. (+ 2 points)


0-15 Low maintenance (check your pulse!)
Going with the flow is cool, sure. But you ought to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and not always putting everyone else first. Speak up for yourself a little more – you know how to do it in a nice way. Once you learn to do that, your sweet disposition will win friends – without allowing you to be steamrolled!

16-25 Average upkeep required
You’ve got a good handle on things. You know what you need and aren’t afraid to ask for it – but you’re not demanding someone else supply it either. Be wary of stepping into higher maintenance territory under stress, but we’re not too worried. You seem to understand the idea of give and take. Anyone who says otherwise, is probably either high maintenance themselves, or just doesn’t want to give.

26-40 High maintenance honey!
Danger! Danger! You’re seriously demanding. And while being demanding is okay sometimes – if you’re willing to give in return – expecting to get, get, get without reciprocation makes you a hard one to handle sometimes. It’s great that you know what you want – just don’t be afraid to go out and get it on your own. Once you learn to meet some of your own needs more often, you’ll ask less of others, and find them more apt to give without placing demands!

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