Money Matters: Follow Your Calling

Lilian from Chicago, Il asks:

Hi. About 9 months ago I started to see a shaman because I was looking for help in my relationship and my career as well. Today I’m a nanny and I’m safe with this job I have, but not happy. After a few sessions with this woman, we came across the fact that I’m also a shaman and I decided to start a apprenticeship with her. It now turns out that this shaman is just opening a small spiritual center and we considered working together over there. I’m very excited about this plan, and I have the knowledge that I’m a natural healer. My question is if this is the next step for me, since I have never thought about exercising the shaman practice, especially on others. What would be my role in this space? Will I be successful?

Thank you so much!

Abrielle Responds:

Lilian, as I consider your career move from nanny to shaman, I receive a positive psychic picture for you—I am seeing a bridge, and across the bridge I see a bright shining sun. What this picture is revealing to me is that your career as a nanny is an important path connecting you to your future career as a shaman and that you will have much success on this path!

For Lilian and all our California Psychics clients who find that they have a great interest in the how and why of psychic and astrology readings, or who love to explore areas that involve communicating and receiving information from other dimensions, I am guided to tell you that you may find that your interest can become a career path similar to Lilian’s. If you have been told you have psychic abilities, or any other metaphysical abilities, and you keep hearing this, you are receiving strong signs to take a deeper look!

As you take this career bridge from nanny to shaman, Lilian, I am hearing a message for you that your career as a nanny has prepared you for a successful career as a shaman. Your devotion and service to the growth and well being of the children in your care will be important skills you need for success as a shaman. I see a clear picture of you surrounded by clients just waiting for you in the future, and they are strongly attracted to your work because of the devotion and care you will have for their needs and wants.

And for all our California Psychics clients who are interested in pursuing metaphysical careers, I receive a wonderful message to look into your own careers and lives to see how you have been prepared for metaphysical service to others through the jobs you have performed and your life experiences. I am being guaranteed by my guides that you, too, will be able to see a similar bridge as like I see for Lilian!

You asked about apprenticeship to the shaman you worked with and launching your new career at the shaman’s spiritual center, Lilian. The message I receive for you is that you could not find a more supportive way to start a new metaphysical career! Teaming up, or joining a center is going to help your confidence and your pocketbook!

To all our California Psychics clients considering this kind of career move, and asking where to launch their new careers, I am being shown the picture of twins, then triplets, then quads! What does this mean? I am hearing the guidance for our new self-employed practitioners: “team up, team up, team up!” Think of pairing up or joining a group of like-minded practitioners as you begin your metaphysical career so you may experience mutual career support and financial growth together.

Lilian, the timeline I am psychically seeing of you being financially successful ranges from one and a half years to two years, so you may want to continue working part-time as a nanny while your monthly income grows from your shamanic work. Again, a great example for all our new metaphysical practitioners to follow!

Lilian, best of luck to you as you successfully cross the bridge from nanny to shaman! And to all our California Psychics’ clients who feel that strong calling within their hearts to look further into metaphysical careers, my message to you is that your guides and angels are just waiting to help you cross that new career bridge!

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2 thoughts on “Money Matters: Follow Your Calling

  1. Michael Madol

    “Money are important but they can’t buy areal Love.”
    To comment about the above statement,one should notice that true love have no connection with money. This is because some people can’t fill comfortable without truly love one.for example Husband and Wife,Boys and girlfriends.To me money came as a second things because they can Comfort Life to the maximum level you needs.For me, in conclusion I advise Lilian,that we man some of us are struggle to see that some one obtain a wife of your choices whom you may share either bad or good life together and live in the world as one.

  2. Diane

    Wow! What a changing experience! I am a little bit bit Lillian, in the sens that I am a polarity therapist (who doesn’t work in that field) but strongly connected to the energy, I have great insights and I have been told I have three gifts (stop blood; stop fire and heal with hands), which I have experienced and saw that it worked!

    My sens of self-worth makes me doubt all this (should say “made me”, since with time I am getting to really feel it and experience it), and I would love to have someone come into my life like the shaman Lillian met, or know of somewhere where I could test this, learn to listen to these gifts and abilities, and develop more this side of me!

    Go for it, Lillian, and good luck to you!



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