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This week brings us into the fifth week of Spring, where plants are ready to grow and flowers bloom. So, it seems appropriate to revisit Candis Cantins’ Herbal Tarot deck and see what the herbs have to convey to us for the spring season. We have a Full Moon called ‘the Wind Moon’ on Thursday, the 18th. The cards for the week are predominantly male significators and Major Arcana cards. It is a pretty fiery week, and the best days I see are Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


Day (Knight of Cups – Sarsaparilla: Air of Water)

Today you may run into someone who is on a timeless search for identity in relationship to another. The winged hat of this Knight suggests that he is a self-styled crusader or messenger of the gods. He has a dream and he is actively pursuing it. This knight is unafraid to express his feelings, tastes, and visions to others.

Keywords: Making love a creative experience that is shared with another.

Affirmation: “I create opportunities to share my thoughts and feelings with others.”

Evening (X The Wheel of Fortune – Slippery Elm: Jupiter)

The Wheel represents the Native American sacred symbol which honors the four directions and the cycles of life. They are used for prayers and meditation and are symbols for bringing the sacred power of heaven to earth. The Medicine Wheel asks us to be open to changes this evening, and, if we should lose our way, to move back to the center of the wheel where there is stability and spiritual nourishment.

Keywords: Faith and trust in the adjusting power of nature which rules all life.

Affirmation: “Through all the changes that Life brings, I feel the center of stability which is within me.”


Day (0 – The Fool – Ginseng: Uranus)

The Fool represents our innermost self who is limitless, boundless, adventurous, and immortal. He is guided by his heart’s path, represented by the rose. Because he trusts in the Divine, the Fool steps forward fearlessly, ready to step over the edge of a cliff which will tumble him down through the world of experiences and adventures. He carries gifts and powers in his knapsack, which will help him on his journey as an incarnated spirit in a body.

Keywords: Childlike enthusiasm. Being foolish. Living in the moment.

Affirmation: “I feel the boundless Divine Energy flowing through me. I enthusiastically walk my path in life.”

Evening (XIX The Sun – Angelica: Sun)

Tonight, our inner Sun asks us to be joyful, light of heart, energized, caring, compassionate, and illumined. It is a good evening to awaken to other realities. It is a good time to go to bed early and pay attention to your dream messages. During the state of deep REM sleep, we step out of our ordinary reality and gain a vision of other potential realities; a new creative state from which we can create any reality we choose. It is time to regenerate the self and follow the heart’s path.

Keywords: Warmth. Enjoyment and happiness with life. Living in the moment.

Affirmation: “My heart is one with the Infinite Sun. Compassion and love flow from me.”


Day (XIV Temperance – Echinacea: Sagittarius)

Today is a good day for adventure and taking time to enjoy yourself. This card indicates that a new life is unfolding. The solar emblem represents that the sixth chakra is opening. This helps you to receive guidance from spiritual beings. There is a need to experiment, and to create and transform energy into artistry. Temperance helps you to learn balance via cooperation, compatibility, and communication. You are aware of what needs healing and begin to bring more balance into those areas.

Keywords: Experimentation. Self-control. Moderation.

Affirmation: “Through artistry and daring, I create new visions for myself.”

Evening (XII Suspended Person – Kelp: Neptune)

The Suspended Person, ruled by Neptune, is learning the art of self-realization and inner quietude in order to go beyond the illusion that we as individuals are the managers of the universe. This Person has a sense of the Divine Wisdom and essence that guides and unites the entire cosmos. The idea is that your usual thinking must be reversed. This involves moving from escapism to inspiration. To realize that whatever you do in your realm of life is a part of the flow and motion of the Great Divine Sea.

Keywords: Letting go. Spiritual breakthrough. Dreaminess. Unreality.

Affirmation: “My heart is a fountain of peace. I bathe myself in Divine Love.”


Day (Knight of Pentacles – Elecampane: Air of Earth)

The Knight of Pentacles is a stable, reliable, and loyal person. He represents an understanding of the healing arts and the ways of the physical world. He teaches his wisdom through his actions, accomplishments, and words. You may come into contact with him today or simply embody his energy in your life. This Knight must watch not to be overly critical of others’ shortcomings or jealous of their accomplishments. He must work on healing himself first and thus by his example he will be an effective teacher of the healing ways of the earth.

Keywords: Paying attention to your body’s needs. Loyalty.

Affirmation: “By being in tune with Mother Earth, I strengthen and heal myself.”

Evening (Four Of Cups – Burdock: Moon in Cancer)

This is a great night to do some arts and crafts. It is also a great time for meditation, yoga and spiritual practice. A good time to contemplate those things which are of more lasting value. It may also be a good time to be alert to the further opportunities that life may be trying to offer you. Don’t overlook the gifts offered to you. Be grateful for the smallest blessings in your life.

Keywords: Need to see what is being offered. Seeing the true value in one’s life.

Affirmation: “I am open to the blessings that come my way and find inner contentment each day.”


Day (King of Wands – Cinnamon: Fire of Fire)

This King represents the fiery aspect of fire. There is a great reserve of inner strength, as represented by the deep red shirt and the desert landscape. He enjoys the feeling of power and control and has the capacity and energy to use it whenever required. With this King and the Full Moon in effect today, it is important to guard against overreacting to things, being impulsive, or cruelty. It is a good time to develop your own inner firepower.

Keywords: Motivation. Inner strength and fire. Decisiveness.

Affirmation: “I acknowledge my inner fires and use my strength to direct my destiny.

Evening (Knight of Wands – Aconite: Air of Fire)

This Knight is an armored, hot-blooded warrior ready to take on a cause vigorously. For a woman, this card represents a female warrior who enthusiastically champions various causes. As it is a full moon, men must guard against being too “macho”, and women need to be aware of being insensitive. The key is to be able to learn the power and simplicity of yielding. A good time to direct your energy towards spiritual growth and service.

Keywords: Determination. Dominance. Conquest. Zeal. Willful intention.

Affirmation: “However it may manifest, I have universal power at my command, and I can and do make a difference.”


Day (Seven of Swords – Wood Betony: Moon in Aquarius)

Today there is an indication that conflicts are being avoided, or that people may have hidden intentions. There can be a sense that things are too changeable and confusing to bother about. It is a good day to do some research or to collect knowledge from others regarding the scene at hand. Lay your cards on the table and be honest with yourself and others. Be willing to reveal your true intentions or to find out and listen to what others’ true intentions are.

Keywords: Not all things are being revealed. Need to be honest with yourself and others.

Affirmation: “With a peaceful heart, I gather information and truth for my plans and goals.”

Evening (Knight of Swords – Wild Cherry Bark: Air of Air)

This Knight is willing to take risks and suffer for the sake of honesty and righteousness. He will cut through all excesses and unclarity. He is willing to speak his ideas and opinions. He needs to be careful about being too aggressive, becoming willful, manipulative, and impatient. It is a good night to move forward in pursuit of his ideals and dreams.

Keywords: Need to consider the needs of others. Speak your truth.

Affirmation: “With strength and clarity I move forward in pursuit of my dreams and visions.


Day (#4: The Emperor – Atractylodes Alba: Aries)

The Emperor sits on a solid throne, dominating and overseeing all creation. In the distance are the mountains, symbolizing wisdom. Ruled by Aries, he is the fiery overlord and the archetypal father who protects and keeps an eye on the things created. He is the mover and shaker who gets things done, and this is what he is symbolizing for you on this Saturday. So, go for it!

Keywords: Putting order in your life. Bringing one’s creations into being.

Affirmation: “I use my inner wisdom and strength to achieve our goals in life.”

Evening (Ten of Wands – Saturn in Sagittarius: Prickly Ash Bark)

Tonight, there may be a sense of being overwhelmed, oppressed, and weighted down by various cares and concerns. While there is less opportunity for distractions, there is an obvious opportunity for organizing and gaining clearer focus and vision. Adhering to priorities can generate focused energy that will bring the reward of important personal breakthroughs.

Keywords: Oppression. Heaviness. Breakthroughs. Taking responsibility.

Affirmation: “I willingly take on my responsibilities and allow others to take on theirs as well.”

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