6 Ways to Accept the Universe’s Plan for You

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The Universe’s Plan For You

Is nothing going your way? Do you feel as though you fail at every turn? Have you lost a job or relationship that really meant something to you? This all happened to me and it took a lot of time and soul-searching to realize the Universe’s plan for me was different from my own.

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When I was a young adult, things were going well and I assumed my life would run according to plan. However, I developed a serious health problem and I gradually saw my life unravel. One health problem led to another. Life became difficult. I couldn’t do the same things anymore. In my spiritual development, I grew away from friends and my long-term relationship ended. I had to admit defeat and quit work on health grounds, and then later, I had to turn down my university offer. I wasn’t well enough to find another job or meet new people either. Every door that appeared open would slam in my face.

Living at a Slower Pace

Disappointment turned to despair. Months turned to years. Years multiplied and nothing seemed to get better for me. Meanwhile, old school friends were traveling and getting married and having children, while I was feeling stuck, like a prisoner with no way out. Why couldn’t my life flow like theirs? What was I doing wrong? What had I done to deserve this? My limitations hurt me more than words could say.

Learning to Trust the Universe’s Plan

However, eventually things turned around for me and I did find some answers by learning to trust that the Universe had simply put me on a much more suitable path. In the process of making my life better, the first step that I made was to put aside my university dreams and study astrology instead. I did much of my coursework from my bed during my illness, but, as I made changes, the Universe showed me signs that I was on the right track. At first, I didn’t understand these signs. I didn’t know the meaning behind seeing the number 11:11 everywhere I looked, or by seeing other number patterns and coincidences. At this time I had no idea that other young people all over the world were having the same experiences with seeing 111, 222, 333, etc.

Failures and Bad Luck Have Meaning

If you relate to my story so far, know that there is a meaning behind your perceived failures and bad luck. Sometimes, when we surrender and tell the Universe that we trust it to take us to a new place, miraculous things happen. They might not happen as quickly or as smoothly as we’d like, but they happen according to the Universe’s plan for you. Therefore, the more you say, “Universe, I trust you! Please guide me to where I’m meant to be,” the more things will unfold in your favor. One day you will see a pinprick of light and it really will be the light at the end of the tunnel of your suffering, frustration, and despair. That light will get bigger and bigger until it surrounds you and brings blessings to you. The Universe’s plan for you will rearrange your life!

The Universe Rearranges

These days I lead a very different life than the one I lived before I got sick and before things crashed around me one by one. The Universe’s plan has taken me to a completely new place, but I’m really comfortable with it and find it fulfilling too. You can feel the same way if you follow these tips:

1. Accept. This is your current situation. You have tried to change it and can’t, so now accept that this is your reality for the time being. Accept that it is temporary.

2. Grieve. You have lost things that you had, or lost opportunities that you desperately wanted. Allow yourself to grieve for what was and what might have been.

3. Ask the Universe to help you. You may not see a way out of your current circumstances, but by asking the Universe, your guides, angels, and your higher power to help you, you can start to trust. Ask in your head, out loud, or in writing. The Universe will listen.

4. Ask for signs that you’re being looked after. This is a powerful step because it helps you realize you’re not letting go for no reason. I saw signs in number patterns, and I was also made comfortable by orbs, the feathers I found, and the prophetic dreams I had.

5. Let go of comparing yourself with other people. Comparing your life to the lives of others is not part of the Universe’s plan for you. The Universe’s plan might not be glamorous (not at first or not at all) but it’s important that you surrender to it completely. Comparing your own success to the success of other people will certainly spoil this process, so don’t do it! Spiritual success cannot be measured against material success, after all. One day, you might have both, but now isn’t necessarily the time.

6. Enjoy! You are at the beginning of a new and exciting journey, and you have many blessings ahead of you. The Universe loves you and has a plan for you. You just have to brave enough to surrender to the Universe’s plan and take the first step today!

Where will the Universe’s plan for you take you?

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12 thoughts on “6 Ways to Accept the Universe’s Plan for You

  1. Benafsha Khairi

    My goodness this is exactly what I was going through and how I feel about it.
    So true it’s not the right thing to compare myself with others.
    I see 1111, 1212 , 1010 almost every day
    I don’t know what is the meaning but I take it as a good sign.
    Thanks alot

  2. Shaikh

    Thank you!! I really needed this. Having a Bachelor’s degree, working as a cashier and not able to find a job at my educational has been hard on me emotionally. Also looking at people’s lives on Facebook has made the pain greater than what it would be, you are so right we should not compare our lives with others!!

  3. Joneeker T Bugiel

    I need you to tell me did I win the lottery at Jj pepper laundromat I gave the ticket to my so called husband to check it and he’s been spending the money with other bitches buying them homes and cars I want a divorce because I can’t do it anymore did he llklet any bitches in our home.im going to court and asking the judge to bring a psychic to my home so he could find out everything and if it comes out to be true I’ll have the divorce papers ready for him to sign and I want my money back. And I want all of those bitches to go to jail

  4. Vonda MCPEAK

    I just want to say thank u for your artical ,it mad alot of since I’ve also been disabled since 2007 from a really bad car wreak ,and now it has changed my life forever ,I can’t do all the things I used to,I feel so helpless at times,I can’t be the mother or wife I used to be for my family I get so discourage ,my 4 boys don’t really understand,n it hurts me so bad I can’t provide for them the way I’m want to,I have alot of restriction,but u mad a. Lot of since ,just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean life s over I just need to really get back at my higher power I’ve been pretty much mad at the world but I just want to say thank u sincerly vonda

  5. Nitin

    Hi so after all that happened with you, did you recover from the illness
    M also paralysed & facing all the problems which u addressed n more

  6. Kathryn Akers

    Dear Affra, thankyou,everything you said was like we are living some sort of paradime I teared up and just started crying! I have numerous health issue’s as well I have been disabled since 2004 I’m a only child And had one child who really doesn’t have time for me,my mother died in 2013,lost my 36 year marrage because my husband was lying,abusive, to the point I HAD TO LEAVE him! 4 Years Of Seperation And I discovered I was married to full blown Narrssisit who’s been tormenting me for the 4 years we’ve been apart ,But I’ve managed to find courage to leave him! live on my own for 4,but I’m alone! and it’s been real hard and what you shared GAVE ME HOPE again! I am humbled Sincerely Kathryn Akers

  7. Kelly

    I came across this article at the perfect time and it made perfect sense. It made me stop and think about how I’ve been viewing things negatively and miserably. It has made me rethink my way of thinking and has given me a more positive attitude towards life and it’s up’s and downs. Thank you for putting it out there .

  8. Ima Plaidass

    Thank you for this! I have been struggling for the past 10 years to accept the live I am living – I have found many things that have sculpted my life for the positive, but I still look to my friends and peers and see them in happy marriages with multiple children, a house and a seemingly ideal life. Meanwhile, I am here doing everything I can just to keep a roof over my head, by myself. Your post is a good reminder that the Universe has a specific plan for me and it is likely not what I envisioned.

  9. T. Dean Newman

    My life for the past 14 years has been to say the least. Hell!!
    From my health to my business failing, marriage ending, loss of love. Now my home. The more I try to fix what’s wrong! The worse it’s getting.. The list is very long..

    This is the first time any of this has made any kind of sense. Like a greater power is in charge of my life. Everything I try. Seems like I’m bucking the system. It just makes things worse.. Screwed up!! Heart surgeries, eye surgeries, my licence, I drive for a living, or did. Infections of all kinds. Loss of my pets!! Everything I loved is gone other than my children.. I’m at the end of my rope..


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