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We’ve got some incredible new psychics on the line, just waiting to give you the reading of a lifetime. Here’s a few you’ll want to check out:

Psychic Winston ext. 6226 specializes in love & relationships, money & finance, and career & work. He will ask for your name and date of birth. He can connect for general readings, but prefers when you come to the reading with questions. He hones in on your energy through his spirit guides and empathic abilities. Given his gift to feel your emotions, Winston understands your perspective and aims to comfort your soul. He says, “Nobody walking Earth’s surface is perfect, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot strive to be our best each and every day.” Highly compassionate, Winston believes that living life with guidance can help you achieve your dreams. He often shares words of wisdom and spiritually influenced quotes rooted in his Rastafarian upbringing. He hopes that you will come to the session with an open mind so that you may leave with an energized and motivated spirit. Reading professionally for over 10 years, Winston finds that we all possess the tools within ourselves to unlock happiness. How can Psychic Winston ext. 6226 unlock happiness for you? Give him a call?

Psychic Colin ext. 5902 wants to know your topic of choice and/or if you would like a general reading. He links with his guides on an auric level to share accurate and valuable information specifically meant for you. Colin says, “I love doing relationship readings most of all!” He works closely with his spirit guide and accesses the Tarot, numerology, and astrology to foretell future romantic and lucrative events. After a psychic session with Colin you will feel uplifted and clearer about life. Whatever the situation, he wants to help you move forward on a new positive path! Reading professionally for over fifteen years, he started off by doing unpaid spiritual work in churches. Colin has a very comforting voice and you can feel his concern radiate off of every syllable he speaks. Confirmations come in as you simply answer yes or no, as well as when you ask questions. A very strong channel, he delivers exactly what his guide in the Spirit World shares. This means that he is able to give extraordinarily clear guidance on issues such as which business decision to make, or how to move on when a loved one has passed. Elizabeth from Thunder Bay had this to say about Colin: “Colin seems like one of the kindest people on the planet. He so cares and has such compassion that he puts SO much effort into giving you what you really need to know like as if he was saving you during a world catastrophe. Which it feels like quite often when you juggle many variations in life experience like I do. I am so thankful to him. It was months ago now that I talked with him and I have kept his words of support with me.” What can Psychic Colin ext. 5902 see for you? Give him a call!

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