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You have questions – one or many. You need some direction so you dial a California Psychic for the very first time. Perhaps the psychic was recommended by a friend, or maybe you discovered their bio on the website. They sound just right for you…

You’ve typed in the numbers, you get a callback and then you start chatting. Yet you’re a bit green at this, so you wonder if you have the right fit (or if you’ll get the right answers!). How can you tell? We asked our psychics what they feel on their end of the phone and how you can tell from yours… if you picked a psychic who fits your needs.

As a customer when you’ve made a good connection you just feel it, our psychics agree. “You will have absolutely no doubt that you’re in sync with your reader,” describes Rianne ext. 9423 who uses her intuition and divine guidance in readings. “Sometimes it will happen during the call, at other times the feeling comes to you later.”

When psychics connect with a caller, sometimes it flows so well that it feels like the call was not a coincidence. Often when this happens, callers tell us they saw a photo or a bio and just felt drawn to make a call, our psychics reveal. People connect with people for a divine reason.

“With a great connection, I always believe that our two souls were destined to meet. I get goosebumps and I know they begin to feel more secure and guided. Often a bond is established which continues into future readings,” Summer ext. 9898 describes.

“The call either rings true to you or it rings wrong,” Red ext. 9226 adds. “It’s like walking into a room and taking an immediate like or dislike to a person. When a good connection is flowing you’ll feel energetic, relaxed and have a willingness to trust the psychic.

“Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable with your psychic and enjoy the sound of their voice,” says Rianne. “Our voices reflect the vibration of our energy. It’s unusual, but if you don’t like your psychic’s voice – you find it disturbing or it grates on you – it may be a signal that you don’t have a good connection.”

Should you find yourself worried about whether or not you have a good connection, address any concerns immediately, particularly if the psychic causes you to feel on edge or guarded. “Can we be out of sync with a caller? Absolutely!” Red responds. “Any psychic worth their salt will use the information to regroup within minutes,” she explains.

If Jesse ext. 9027 finds that a caller is nervous or distracted, because they don’t really know what to expect from a reading, some quick assurance that she’s there to help, not to judge, usually gets the reading flowing smoothly, the psychic reveals.

If you have chosen a psychic who doesn’t seem to be on your wavelength, just politely tell them so, thank them and go back to the drawing board to look for someone who’s more of a match. For instance, if you’ve lost something and need to find it, chose an online psychic who specializes in finding lost objects (you can find out the information on each psychic’s bio page.). If you want to know what someone else is feeling, seek out an Empath. If you’re wondering about what someone is doing, select a remote viewer… Different readers not only have special tools and skills but they may also have different fields in which they have a talent for reading.

“Relax and trust your intuition, or look to customer service and synchronicity to guide you to your psychic fit,” Rianne advises.

As a new customer to California Psychics, if you do not experience a good connection with your psychic, hang up the phone as soon as possible and call Customer Service back so they can connect you to another psychic.

You make the call. Talk to one of our gifted psychics to gain clarity. Call 1.800.573.4830 or click here now.

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