Guide to Astrology: The Elements

It has been said that astrology’s greatest contribution focuses on the inner qualities of the individual, not on the outer influences that the individual is exposed to. In other words, what is happening is merely a reflection of the person’s responses to it.

It is very important, if one is to develop a working knowledge of astrological theory, that focus at the energetic level be maintained.

There are 5 basic components that are essential to an understanding of Western astrological theory.

They are:
1) The Elements
2) The Signs
3) The Planets
4) The Houses
5) The Aspects.

I will now briefly touch upon the elements of Western astrology.

There are Four elements – Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Each of these elements show up three times in the zodiac.

The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (Masculine)
The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (Feminine)
The Air signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (Masculine)
The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Feminine)

The Fire signs project enthusiasm, inspiration, spirit.
The Earth signs are very practical, earthly, solid.
The Air signs are of a mental nature, gatherers of knowledge.
The Water signs are of an emotional nature, very reflective and sensitive.

Note: The signs of the zodiac alternate around the dial as masculine and feminine. The Fire and Air signs are masculine while the Earth and Water signs are feminine. You will notice that when astrologers indicate a person’s best sign for partnership, all they are doing is matching the gender of the Sun signs. They will base their statement on this alone. It really makes no sense since half the population of the planet will have their Sun in one gender or another.

Keep in mind that since there are four astrological elements, they are referred to as a quadruplicity.

Begin to view the astrological wheel in quadrants, like a pie cut into quarters. Each quadrant or quarter begins with a different element. The first quadrant begins with Aries (Fire). The second quadrant or quarter begins with Cancer (Water). The third quadrant or quarter begins with Libra (Air). The fourth quadrant begins with Capricorn (Earth). It is not a coincidence that each of these quadrants coincides with the beginning of each season. But more on that later.

Now a very brief review of the signs in order, with a brief descriptive:

Aries – I am. (Fire)
Taurus – I have. (Earth)
Gemini – I think. (Air)

Cancer – I feel. (Water)
Leo – I will. (Fire)
Virgo – I analyze. (Earth)

Libra – I relate. (Air)
Scorpio – I create. (Water)
Sagittarius – I perceive. (Fire)

Capricorn – I use. (Earth)
Aquarius – I know. (Air)
Pisces – I believe. (Water)

Note: Each quadrant begins with a different element. Therefore each season begins with a distinct energy.

In Part 2 I will review more closely the sign qualities and briefly touch upon the planetary energies.

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  1. Colleen

    Defiantly –thought “people”, would be as up-front & honest, as I ( truly), am… Sux~ when it hits you right in the Gutt&/or Heart.,& their not…. Some ~ just. ~ ‘ can’t handle the truth… TY

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    Airy sign happened to communicate and carry out invisible entered into a thingly place and moveable, feelings and given expression mutable in supernatural stage of incident. Fiery sign is gives expression t0 changes in life and brings about revolution. Watery sign is related to creative ever-spreading of the ideas
    Earthy sign is related to the condense form of concentration and patience and preventive power..

  8. Sharon the Aquarian

    This is great,and much easier for laypersons to comprehend than other writings I’ve read. Thank you. Hope I dont miss your part two! S~


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