The Knights of the Tarot

Using the Tarot to understand how a relationship is working is a great way to pinpoint issues. Comprehending the dynamic in couples is a giant step in helping a failing relationship work. Remember, it’s okay to be whoever we are and to grow in our own process. However, forcing something to work that genuinely can’t because a) we are trying to get someone to live our life b) we are refusing to respect someone’s dharma c) we don’t really understand who we are dealing with…is not only unfair, but can all be determined with a good Tarot reading.

So, today we will discuss Knights. Knights are handsome and brave. Knights are on horses and sent to save the day. However, Knights are in servitude for the King and Queen, warriors for the Kingdom.

The Knight of Cups is a guy on the threshold of emotional responsibility. He brings with him good opportunity, he’s a charming favorite of the ladies, and he’s very understanding. If inverted this guy is a seducer, he isn’t accountable for the feelings he invokes in others, he doesn’t keep his promises (he may not even remember), and he’s selfish.

The Knight of Swords is a man in uniform and a man of action. He is ready to fight for what he feels is right and is quite courageous. Inverted he is hardheaded, quick to the draw, doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinions, and he is self-serving.

The Knight of Batons is a traveler. He is a man of vision and may even be psychic. He puts others before himself and is a dreamer. Inverted he represents delays, someone who can’t see past his own issues to care about anyone else’s and he runs from adversity.

The Knight of Coins is a pathfinder. He makes the impossible, possible. Whether with his mind or just plain old hard work, he makes things happen. Inverted you have a lazy commitment-phobe who gives up way too easily and refuses to work.

So, as I began last week…

Recently, I had a call from a woman who couldn’t understand why she kept dating the same type of guy, even though she met them in different circumstances, they were all clearly different physical types, and just very different people in a nutshell. So, I whipped up a spread to determine exactly what she’s dealing with and lo and behold…regardless of the relationship what I found was a Queen dealing with Pages and/or Knights. Having a Page or Knight in the layers of the person you are with isn’t always a bad thing. However, for all intents and purposes, it’s not ideal. What I notice about all the Knights is that they are on the cusp of greatness, however they are still in movement. They are transients and eager to please, but if they flip they are eager to get away. Pages are, for the most part, kids!

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  1. Abigail Ext 9570

    Asolutely beautifully done again girl! You definitely have comic and writting abilities. I’ll be calling you when I need a Tarot Reading for sure. You are smokin!
    Many Blessings


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