Fairy Tarot Cards: January 27 – February 2

Fairy Tarot Cards: January 27 - February 2

The Power of Tarot

This week we’re turning to the Fairy Tarot Cards for guidance. Fairies are nature angels who oversee the plant and mineral kingdoms. They’re here to support you in the pursuit of your life’s purpose and they share their messages of self-confidence. And with that, let’s commune with the fairies:

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Day (Princess of Winter): The Princess of Winter is a student of intellect. She’s endlessly curious about everything. She can differentiate the truth from a lie in seconds, and knows facts and figures that will astound you! The Princes is logical and realistic, but that can certainly make her a bit difficult to get close to. She keeps her emotions fairly guarded. Her harsh tongue means she can speak without thinking too.

Evening (Five of Autumn): When times feel challenging to you, there’s always a way to receive help. Ask for divine guidance! Spirit, the angels, and the fairies are continuously nearby, awaiting your requests for assistance. However, by focusing on the negative or the things in your life that make you unhappy, you set yourself on the path for more difficulties to arise. These are called self-fulfilling prophecies. Instead, the Fairy Tarot Cards encourage you to keep your thoughts positive and focus on what you do want!


Day (Five of Winter): Things don’t always go the way you expect them to. If your plans don’t work out, ask Spirit, the angels, and the fairies to help lead you to a new, more successful path. Associate with other people who have high morals and show true compassion for the world. Avoid negative individuals. Release yourself from groups and organizations who lack integrity and honesty too, and seek out those who share your values and ethics instead.

Evening (Queen of Winter): The Queen of Winter has seen it all! She has experienced many difficulties during her lifetime and has only grown stronger in the process. She long ago released anyone and anything that provided more drama than joy in her life. The Queen is often single and does not suffer fools easily. She’s comfortable being alone and happy with the elegant prosperity her experience has won her too.


Day (Princess of Spring): It’s truly exhilarating to get to know the Princess of Spring! There’s no experience she doesn’t want to have and no creative endeavor she won’t experiment with. Painting, singing, dancing, acting—she wants to try it all! Our princess is enthusiastic and remarkably creative. She exhibits an almost childlike exuberance for life that will have you smiling too. However, she is easily distracted by the next opportunity and can wander off before completing the task she has in front of her.

Evening (#13 – Release): You can learn from your past and move forward, or you can be held back by it. This is certainly true in every aspect of life, be it your relationships, career, or health. Although moving on can be challenging, the fairies want you to know that your future is a bright and magical one. Don’t wait! The Fairy Tarot Cards encourage you to take your first steps toward happiness today!


Day (Ace of Autumn): A windfall of unexpected resources arrives to help you pursue your dreams! The fairies are trustworthy manifesters and are bringing you a gift. This may take the form of money, wise counsel, physical help with your projects, or a meeting with influential people. Therefore, use your resources wisely. Then make a plan for how you can best utilize them successfully. It’s certainly a good time to make investments in your future.

Evening (Six of Autumn): Tonight, sharing the success you’re blessed with is vitally important. As you give to those in need, Heaven gives back to you! Giving doesn’t have to be in the form of money, according to the Fairy Tarot Cards. There’s an abundance of volunteer opportunities so be wise in your giving. It’s also important to know that the organization you’re supporting is reputable and doing honest, good works.


Day (Ace of Summer): This card indicates that a very rewarding and joyful relationship is about to begin. It may be with a new person who enters your life, or it can represent a new phase of emotional intimacy with a current partner too. This card also indicates the awakening of new psychic abilities or spiritual epiphanies. Watch for signs from the fairies! The Fairy Tarot Cards encourage you to allow intuition to guide you through your current situation.

Evening (Prince of Spring): This is the proverbial “knight in shining armor” card, and he’s here to help you in whatever way you want him to! There’s no task too big, and no detail too small, that he won’t rush in and take charge of it. Our prince is charming, courageous, confident, and very busy. That’s because he wants to see everything, do everything, and experience everything too! It’s hard for him to kick back and relax when there’s just so much to accomplish out there in the world!


Day (Princess of Summer): The Princess of Summer is a gentle and sensitive soul. She can be quite shy. If you approach her with outstretched arms and an open heart, she will happily embrace you and let you into her life too. She will eagerly listen to all your worries with great compassion. Just keep in mind that she’s not very experienced in worldly matters.

Evening (Ten of Summer): Tonight is a great time to spend some time with your family and loved ones. The people you call “family” may be those you’re related to, or they may be the people you have chosen as your beloved community. It’s worth investing time and energy into your primary relationships, according to the Fairy Tarot Cards. You can certainly have the happy home life you’re seeking, filled with peace and emotional fulfillment.


Day (III The Empress): The planning phase of your endeavor is now over. Congratulations! You’ve done excellent work sorting out what you are trying to accomplish and what you need in order to be a success. Now it’s time to get busy! Creative endeavors are especially favored right now, according to the Fairy Tarot Cards. This can include the desire to build your family or taking up a new project you consider to be your “baby.” Whenever possible, try to add an artistic flair to each step along the way. Infuse your tasks with joy and the knowledge that nothing can hold you back now.

Evening ( #9 – The Hermit): You are never alone! Even when it appears that way, you are actually surrounded by Spirit, the angels, and the fairies, who all want to help you. It’s important to always shine your light so that other people can follow in your footsteps. In this way, you are a beacon of inspiration for them. It may be time for you to begin teaching or acting as a mentor to those in need of direction too.

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  1. jo anne

    01/29/2019. Ms Julia,THANK-YOU! For your Advise and Insight
    Brilliant! You bring out The Positiveness In Self! You provide The Methods for
    Thought! Clairety.”to use my head or brains for waymore than a Hat Rack!
    ….While I’m by myself; I’m NEVER,alone.?others are Allways in My thoughts
    And DREAMS.(Family members) Mother,Brothers(2) Dad, gmother,cousins,
    To study Me with confidence,strength.Hope,Never give In keep my mind on
    The goal.That I want for My highest Goood!keep fighting-the-good-fight! With
    All-My-Might!! (I practiced “Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse and Full Moon Rituals.”
    I tried My Best! Jo-Anne,

  2. Gloria Lee

    Ms.Julia, I feel that all of my questions have been answered I was wondering about my future… You just blowed my mine I feel so much better about my future I know what’s coming I can better prepare myself I am very hopeful of all my many blessings. People are just drawin to me at work. It really does feel good.


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