Your Mantra Meditations: January 26 – February 1

Your Mantra Meditations: January 26 - February

The Power of Mantra Meditations

You have already seen some aspects of your life coming to a close. But at the same time, changes are happening that will lead you to embrace the possibilities of the future. Aren’t you just amazed by all of the challenges you’ve already overcome? There’s still so much more to do and the future can seem uncertain. Thankfully, this week’s mantra meditations target the insecurities you may have when dealing with an unknown future. Let’s take a look!

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January 26

“I am remembering the dreams of my childhood and embracing the joy hidden in those ambitions.”

You may think that your childhood dreams are no longer relevant. In some cases, that may be true. However, as you recall those long-forgotten dreams, you may find that some of them remain pertinent to the path you are considering. Your mantra meditations encourage you to take some time to revisit those wonderful, innocent aspirations. When you were a child, nothing stood between you and your goals. Only your perception has changed since those days. You remain unlimited!

January 27

“The end of the chapter does not mean I am finished with the book. My life has amazing potential!”

You are the writer of your life’s story. There will be others who enter your chapters, but only you can determine who stays in the book until the end. Should you have a character who wants to exit the storyline before you’re ready, remember that they have their books to write too.

January 28

“I believe in my dreams and, today, I will awake and live them.

Dreaming of your goals does not mean they are unattainable. However, there is a big difference between a daydream and a real target. Dreams without efforts are likely to remain in the ethers. Therefore, your mantra meditations encourage you to determine what you need most from your goals and make it happen as only you can!

January 29

“I will not dream of success today. I will work hard and ACHIEVE it!”

Any effort spent in the attainment of a good and ethical dream is never in vain. If you want to make a change in your life and your direction, it’s time for you to deliver the goods! You have overcome many things in your life’s path but now it’s time to climb a different mountain and enjoy a different view.

January 30

“Today is a blank page and I can fill it with whatever I choose.”

Each day you awaken is full of possibilities. You can certainly change everything in your life by changing how you perceive your world. If you choose to see only the sunlight, you will never need fear the shadows.

January 31

“Magic arrives when I invite it into my life.”

When you were a child, many things in life were magical. The frost on an early morning window, the discovery of a noisy bird, or any of the endless things that fascinate children are still just as magical as they were back then. The difference is that you may have allowed adulthood to steal those feelings. Today, your mantra meditations encourage you to restore that childlike wonder once more. Allow yourself to be lost in a moment and be completely aware of the experience too.

February 1

“What remains in my life is what I have chosen. I am the only one who brings in or removes people from my world.”

There is a great difference between responsibility and guilt. One is a balanced and reasonable way to move through your life. The other is the path of cowardice. When we take control of our lives, we must also face the idea that we may make choices that are not reflective of our aspirations. Just accept responsibility in all that you do. The good will certainly outweigh the bad when you embrace integrity.

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