Exploring Psychic Abilities: Channeling

Exploring Psychic Abilities: Channeling

Overtaken by Spirit

There’s more to a psychic reading than just gaining insight about the future—and not all readings (or psychics!) are alike. Psychics specialize in particular abilities, like channeling. Channeling is an insightful, and even life-changing practice you might experience when you read with a psychic. Understanding this psychic ability can give you important insight when it comes to choosing the right guide for you. Read on to learn more about this psychic ability, what it is, and how it can enhance your next reading.

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What is Channeling?

When channeling, a psychic or Medium allows their body to be overtaken by a spirit or otherworldly being. This being could be someone who has crossed over to the other side or a life form from a higher plane. When a psychic channels, they are literally becoming the channel for the being who wishes to speak to you.

During a reading, your psychic will go into a state of altered consciousness. At this point, the being can enter their body and use it to communicate with you. As a channel, your psychic may take on the voice, cadence, language, and even mannerisms of the being coming through. In fact, your psychic may not even remember what happened during your reading.

What Are the Origins of Channeling?

Channeling seems to have been around since the dawn of the early civilizations. The ancient Egyptians, known for their reverence of the dead and the afterlife, documented how they communicated with the spirits of those who had passed on. A number of ancient Greek oracles also used it, as their culture believed that the spirits of the dead escaped their bodies and lived on among the living. (It’s also been said that Pythagoras used a Ouija board of sorts to communicate with the dead. However, this claim is tough to substantiate as there’s no clear written proof.) The ancient Chinese also participated, calling channels “wu” and using a device called a “chi” to record the messages relayed through mediums from beings on another plane.

Why is Channeling a Psychic Ability?

Psychics use channeling to give people direct access to someone they wish to contact, whether it’s a relative who has passed or some kind of higher being they seek guidance from. Our psychics can use it in two ways: One is through trance channeling, where a being takes over the psychic’s whole body and the psychic remains in a trancelike state with a little-to-no recollection of the session after it concludes. This is the type commonly practiced by the ancient cultures listed above. The other is through conscious channeling, in which the psychic is able to separate, or even somewhat edit, the content of the being that’s moving through him or her.

How Does Channeling Enhance Your California Psychics Reading?

It’s one thing to talk about your past or future when getting a psychic reading. However, it’s quite another to get to speak to and communicate with someone important to you who resides in another plane. If you’re harboring guilt, regret, longing or any other emotion when it comes to someone who is no longer in the living world, channeling gives you an opportunity to lay your thoughts to rest and get some of the comfort and closure you seek—straight from the source.

Now that you know more about channeling, will you read with a channeling psychic?

Want to connect with someone who has crossed over or with a divine being? A channeling psychic can help you. All you need to do is call for a channeling psychic reading to get started.

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