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What is a Channeling Psychic?

Often times the terms Channeling Psychic and Medium Psychic are used interchangeably, but there is an important difference between the two. A Medium is literally a go-between connecting living souls and those who have passed on using their psychic hearing, seeing, and feeling perceptions. They relay information from one realm to the other and help communicate as well as interpret messages from angels, Spirit guides, and those who have passed on. Channeled Psychic Readings also helps connect you to spirits in other realms, but through a much more direct means. They allow their consciousness to entirely leave their body so Spirit can merge with their auric field taking it over as a vessel to express itself.

The Channel embodies the deceased party and communicates their thoughts, words, and feelings as if the psychic has become Spirit energy itself. This is called Trance Channeling, although there is another form called Conscious Channeling where Spirit expression is processed through the body in a similar way, but the Channel remains conscious the entire time and, thus, can edit expression at will.

What to expect in a Channeled Psychic Reading

During a Channeled Psychic Reading, you will begin by taking some time to discuss what you hope to get out of the reading and whom you hope to contact on the other side. Each Channel has his or her own process as well as limitations in Trance or Conscious Channeling, so they will likely brief you on a bit of information about their personal approach first, and then the reading will begin. It may take a few moments before your psychic makes a connection to the discarnate Spirit, so coming to the reading with patience and an openness in mind is key.

When to get a Channeled Psychic Reading

You may want to get a reading with a Channeling Psychic if you are ready to connect with a loved one who has moved on to the afterlife. Perhaps it’s important for you to communicate with him or her as directly as possible, as if you are having a conversation the way you once did. If you want to allow a psychic to interpret and relay intuited messages from the loved one, try connecting with a Psychic Medium. If you are interested in directly connecting to your Spirit guides, angels, or other disembodied entities on the astral plane or even on other planets, calling a Channeling Psychic is the best choice for you.

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