Astrology and Tarot: The Recipe for Change

The Cards of Change

If you know things in your life aren’t working, or if you know you have goals that you haven’t yet achieved, what better time to make changes than right now? Using astrology and my Tarot deck, I have paired your sun sign with a card that embodies the advice you need to help you move forward and create the life of your dreams.

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Aries: The Ten of Wands

You have been held back by having too much responsibility and it’s possible that you have taken on too much. It’s likely that you have guilty feelings about something or someone who you feel you have let down. However, it will be difficult for you to move forward and create your new beginnings without tying up loose ends.

Before you can move forward you need to take the necessary steps to release as much responsibility as possible. This includes releasing old guilt and obligation to those whom you feel you should be helping. Once you do this, your load will lighten and things will fall into place naturally. It’s a time of natural transition for you, and you will soon see the positive completion of a cycle. A positive new beginning awaits.

Taurus: The Two of Swords

A decision that you have been unable to make is holding you back at present. However, there is no need to rush this decision. It’s time to nurture yourself and to forgive yourself for any choices that you have made or failed to make at this point. Instead, treat yourself with compassion. Pray and meditate on these difficult choices and ask the Universe to guide you.

In the meantime, treat yourself gently and don’t put pressure on yourself to rush into making changes. It’s likely that you don’t have all the information yet, and these decisions can’t be forced. Accept the current waiting period. Once this period of uncertainty is over there will be no holding you back!

Gemini: The Two of Cups

It’s possible that your recent setbacks are due to you saying no to things out of fear or resistance. You may also have found it easy to remain in situations or partnerships that are no longer working. However, it’s time for change. First of all, don’t be afraid to allow yourself to enter into that new relationship or business partnership if it feels right. Say yes to things!

It might be time to meditate on the heart chakra and actively work to release any blocks or resistance around entering into partnerships that hold promise. Even reaching out to friends is a positive step forward. There are important relationships for you to explore that will help your development and bring fulfillment into your life. If you are currently single, a fascinating person is likely to enter your life. If you are in a partnership, pray that it will be elevated to a nourishing level that is mutually supportive for you both.

Cancer: The Ten of Cups

Do you believe that you deserve good things? It’s possible that you have been held back by believing in strife and struggle, and believing that things will always be difficult. However, wonderful things are on offer for you and it’s important that you make the conscious decision to allow yourself to be happy. Try to balance work with as much play as possible. Spend time around family and friends.

New beginnings are created through your emotional happiness and relaxation, and the more you allow yourself to enjoy good things, the more good things will come to you by the Law of Attraction. Happiness brings the best opportunities. Enjoy! Remember that you deserve happiness.

Leo: The Eight of Cups

The message is clear; something in your life isn’t working and it’s time to face up to it no matter how much of an emotional investment you have made. The first thing that springs to mind is the main thing that isn’t working. It’s time to move on, and while it might be sad to make this change, new beginnings will fall into your lap and they will be lighter and brighter than before.

Staying in the past has held you back and it’s time to move forward. Be brave and move on from people and situations that are no longer serving you. Affirm that when you release, you will get something new and even better than you had before. The time around your birthday should see some wondrous new beginnings for you.

Virgo: The Seven of Wands

You feel you have been held back despite all your hard work and effort. You may feel as though you’ve exhausted all possibilities and that you are becoming worn out in the pursuit of your dreams. However, it’s not time to give up! This card urges you to keep going! It’s been hard for you recently and you may feel as if your efforts are not going anywhere, but this card implies that they will bear fruit. Keep putting that work in and keep the dream alive. Results will follow shortly.

It’s also important to defend yourself where necessary. If you are working on a project, keep it secret from competitors. If you are dealing with other people, speak up for yourself when needed. But above all, keep doing what you are doing and hold the purest intentions that you can.

Libra: The Eight of Swords

You are likely to feel as though you’ve been in a situation that is difficult to break free from. 2016 might have held you back through circumstances that felt impossible to get out of. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that the timing just isn’t right. Acceptance comes first and then doors open miraculously. It’s human nature to push for what we want, when we want it, but sometimes fate stands in the way and holds us back until the timing is right.

What seems like a delay is actually the Universe’s way of making sure that everything is right before you can move forward. Trust, have faith, and you will be shown the way forward at exactly the right time. There is no need to force things to happen and there is no need to rush. Freedom will feel so good as soon as life rewards you with it.

Scorpio: The Ace of Pentacles

It’s time to focus on work, finance, and security. Moneymaking is in your own hands, so rely on yourself and no one else to create the new beginning for which you are more than ready. New employment is there for you if you want it, so keep hunting and it will be so. You haven’t necessarily been held back, even though you might have felt as if you were. You were simply completing the previous cycle of your development. However, you are on to a new cycle now, so keep going with the flow and things should work out without too many barriers.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the new beginnings that are on your way. New beginnings that take place now will stand the test of time. Security in love, work, and finance is available to you now. Keep putting in the effort and you will be rewarded.

Sagittarius: The Nine of Pentacles

You may have been blocked by your expectations of other people. However, the one person who can change your life is you! It’s time to rely on yourself, so don’t underestimate your ability to create your own happiness. If you are searching for the ideal partner, it’s important to create a life that is as rewarding as possible before finding the right person. Start making the changes that you want to see in your life and then look for that person to enrich it further.

It’s also likely that this year will see positive rewards for you, whether this includes being in a partnership or not. You have just as many rich experiences on offer to you out of a relationship as you do within a relationship, so don’t be afraid to stand alone.

Capricorn: The World

You may feel held back at present by potential and actual endings of situations or relationships, which may feel difficult to deal with. However, many of these endings are for the best and the Universe will soon be sending new things your way! Sometimes when we know it’s time to let go, new and better things can enter our lives. It’s time for you to dream big. Travel if you can. No dream is too big.

Get clear about your goals in every area of your life—love, family, money and projects. This is your year to have success in every area of your life. It will take a lot of hard work and discipline, but these qualities come naturally to you anyway. You are likely to succeed in overcoming any present obstacles. Accept success and fulfillment as it’s now your turn to shine.

Aquarius: The Knight of Swords

You may feel as though the stability you seek is nowhere to be found and you might be questioning why. You might not have security in your current work, relationship or home situation, but now is not necessarily the time for settling. The more flexible you remain, the easier things will be. You don’t have to commit to that partnership or contract if you’re not sure about it.

It’s alright to have uncertainty and instability at the moment. The more adaptable you remain, the more likely new beginnings are to come into your life. 2017 has been a growth period for you, so remind yourself that the journey is just as important as the destination. Don’t overcommit. There is plenty of time for settling down later on.

Pisces: The Page of Cups

You may have faced blocks recently which have arisen through your lack of self-belief and by caring too much about what others may think of you. However, things are about to change. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s ok to ask others to help you if you can’t do everything yourself. Sometimes we all need a helping hand.

You are only in the early stages of a current cycle of events, so remember that things will develop further and try and enjoy the process. After all, there is beauty in these early stages. Try and break your dream down into baby steps so you can take things one step at a time in a forward motion. Take necessary steps to stop caring about what others think. Don’t place strong expectations on yourself or others and accept that things will take a while to develop before you see the results you want. Things are moving forward in a positive direction and eventual rewards are likely!

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