18 Ways You May Be Experiencing Soul Exhaustion

18 Ways You May be Experiencing Soul Exhaustion | California Psychics

Have You Been Extra Fatigued Lately?            

We are all aware of mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion, but do you ever feel like your soul is exhausted? Without access to a routine that you have formed, it’s easy to feel off or unbalanced. When our souls are tired, small things can feel enormous. If something feels off that you can’t quite put your finger on, this may be the reason why.

Soul exhaustion is not like any typical exhaustion. It can’t be fixed by a nap or a trip to a medical professional. The good news is that there are ways to find spiritual peace. Treating your soul to some TLC will get you out of a funk. Meditation, journaling, and recognizing these cues will help you find out if your soul is tired. You may be in need of spiritual guidance or be ready for a new spiritual path. Here are 18 ways to recognize if you may be experiencing soul exhaustion.

18 List | California Psychics

18. You’re reading this list

If you felt compelled to click this article or search about soul exhaustion, there’s a good chance you already know that you are in need of a break. Searching for help is the first step to finding a solution. Knowing that others feel and have felt exactly as you do now can be a relief in itself.

17 No Treats | California Psychics

17. You haven’t treated yourself for awhile

Are you going through the motions, working every day, and just paying bills? Everyone deserves a treat now and then. Maybe you have been drawn to a new crystal or are wishing for a new yoga mat. Whatever the treat may be, give in sometimes and treat yourself.

16 Shopping Sprees | California Psychics

16. Or you’re treating yourself too often

With the ease of online shipping, it can be easy to order anything on a whim. Do you find yourself mindlessly browsing online stores every time you pick up your phone? It could mean that it is time to set your wallet aside and mindfully listen to what your soul actually desires.

15 Easily Break Down | California Psychics

15. You break down over little things

Our souls are fragile. When they are tired, it can be easy to break down over small things that seem trivial when looking at the Big Picture. If little things are setting you off, it can be because your soul is feeling overwhelmed. This is a great sign that some spiritual self-care is in order.

14 No Meditation | California Psychics

14. Meditation seems impossible

Are invasive thoughts taking over every time you try and meditate? Going over your mental To-Do list or checking your watch every minute are signs of meditation gone awry. Try listening to a guided meditation or honing in on a mantra that keeps you focused.

13 Constant Social Media Scrolling | California Psychics

13. You’re scrolling through social media for hours

Social media is a great way to have a virtual escape. From cute animal videos to funny pranks and dances, it’s easy to scroll for hours on end. If you are burning through your phone battery due to heavy screen time, it may be because your soul’s battery is drained. Try observing quiet hours and shutting off technology for an hour each evening.

12 Broken Sleep | California Psychics

12. You aren’t sleeping throughout the night

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night? Maybe you find yourself waking well before your alarm on a regular basis. Take note of the times you often jolt awake. Your spiritual guides may be trying to tell you something! When our souls aren’t at rest, sometimes our bodies follow suit.

11 Missing Assignments | California Psychics

11. You are missing assignments

Work and school can suffer when your soul is tired. Even when you are getting adequate sleep and have a set schedule, something can feel off. Try setting a timer to get started. Often, the hardest part is to get going. Setting a timer for a small increment can help boost motivation to complete a task.

10 Indecisive | California Psychics

10. You’re indecisive

We have to make so many choices in a day- what to wear, what to eat… but if simple decisions are leaving you feeling zapped, it may be a sign that you need a spiritual reset. This can be a great time to sit down and re-evaluate both your short-term and long-term goals.

9 Concerned Coworkers | California Psychics

09. Your coworkers keep asking if you’re okay

Do you find yourself mentally drifting away from meetings? Forgetting to respond to emails? Maybe your coworkers just suggest that you have an extra cup of coffee. Feeling like you aren’t on top of your game at work may be because your soul needs a break. Invigorating scents like citrus and spice can help you feel more present.

8 Stay Indoors | California Psychics

08. You go over 24 hours without stepping outside

It is so nice that the internet allows us to do pretty much anything from home. One major downside is that it becomes possible to go for stretches without ever stepping outdoors. Getting outside at least once a day and feeling the rays of the sun or a cool breeze can help your soul recharge.

7 Too Much Delivery | California Psychics

07. You get delivery way more than making food at home

Takeout and delivery are great. If you are relying on them daily, rather than cooking yourself, however, it may be because you are out of the mental spoons needed to get to the kitchen. If cooking is something that you enjoy, try making one of your favorite soul-comforting recipes, or taking on a new one to spice things up. Utilizing in-season produce can help you feel reconnected with the earth.

6 Ignoring Cosmic Events | California Psychics

06. You are ignoring cosmic events that you’d otherwise observe

Do you normally track every eclipse? Put your crystals to charge under every Full Moon? If you are losing track of what’s going on in the skies, when you would normally be working with those movements, it may be because you need to realign spiritually. Make a note in your calendar of the next event you’d like to observe and make a plan to prioritize this special time for yourself.

5 Glued to the News | California Psychics

05. You’re glued to the news

Staying informed is great, but with so many stressful events happening right now, it can be a healthy choice to take breaks. Scheduling times to catch up may be useful. Set aside a quiet time that you can watch or read summaries of important news. This can be easier to ingest than a constant feed that weighs down on your soul.

4 Not Talking | California Psychics

04. You’re putting off talking to friends and family

While it’s normal to be a little cut off or isolated right now, ignoring virtual invites and declining video conferences that you would normally accept is a sign that your soul is too zapped to zoom into socializing. Reaching out to a close friend may be helpful, but it’s okay to need some alone time, too.

3 Social Media | California Psychics

03. You compare yourself to others on social media

It can be hard to remember that everyone is projecting the best version of themselves and their lives online. If you find yourself comparing, it may be time to do some inward scrolling. Reconnecting with yourself is a great way to feel better spiritually. Self-love is an important component of spiritual health.

2 Caffeine | California Psychics

02. You rely heavily on caffeine

Do you find yourself adding extra shots of espresso or a little extra matcha powder to your lattes? Caffeine is a stimulant for your body, but maybe it is your soul that is craving new stimulation. It can be a great time to try a new hobby or learn a new skill.

1 Personal Hygiene | California Psychics

01. Personal hygiene takes a hit

Are you wearing the same pajamas from yesterday? Maybe you have forgotten the last time you washed your hair? When we lapse on taking care of our souls, sometimes we begin to project that neglect outwards. Taking a calming ritual bath (and hopping back on your flossing routine!) can be a great way to snap back.

Exhaustion is Normal…You Don’t Have to Stay that Way

Remember that it is normal to feel exhausted sometimes. The energy of our soul ebbs and flows and there is always a solution to whatever your spirit is yearning for. If you would like some extra guidance on your spiritual path or if something extra heavy is weighing on your soul, call us to speak to an Empath Psychic to help you get to the heart of the matter.

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