Are Psychics Real?

Are Psychics Real? | California Psychics

Yes, Psychics are Real

You may ask, “Are psychics real?” The short answer is a definite yes. Everyone is psychic, including you, Dear Reader. Everyone possesses intuition, but psychic abilities go deeper than that, and some have managed to master those abilities. Let’s explore that a little.

Psychic Abilities and the Sixth Sense

The world is beginning to acknowledge that people do, in fact, have a sixth sense. The day will come when using one’s sixth sense will be so normal that to not use it would be considered odd or strange. But even though everyone has some psychic ability, it needs to be developed, with meditation being a key component.

You may feel a bit skeptical about psychic readers and intuitive abilities, but when skepticism is balanced, it is healthy. It is there to protect you. To doubt is human, but when you trust yourself, you will know who else to trust.

Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Prove it to yourself! That’s the real test. Think of the times you’ve known something without the use of your physical senses, such as being able to see, hear, or experience it. Think of when you have either received a prophetic dream or someone you may know did. Spirit will find a way to connect with you if you are open to it.

Are you a mother who has awakened in the night somehow knowing your child needed you, no matter how far away your child may have been? Or have you had a dream where your deceased loved one came to reassure you that they’re happy and well on the other side, and somehow, you knew it was true? Then you know from your own personal experience that psychic ability is real.

Psychics Don’t Know Everything

It’s important to know how a real psychic reader works. Psychic ability comes from Spirit, but psychics are not spiritual computers. They don’t control what information Spirit gives them. They don’t engage in hocus-pocus, circus pony tricks, or egregious displays of ego disguised as psychic ability. They know no human being is omniscient, and that we aren’t meant to know everything. If we did, how could we grow as souls? Trying to force readers into proving they are omniscient is the great error some people make; sort of like a guaranteed-to-fail test, but it doesn’t work like that to begin with.

Psychics vs. Actors

There are real psychics and there are those who may have a little bit of intuitive ability but seek to greedily prey upon those who don’t know better. These people are not true psychics, just criminally cruel deceivers, all of them after your money. Be cautious about going to anyone’s shop that has a neon sign. If you’re told that you’re cursed, and that you need their spells to get rid of evil entities – a service that could cost you your life savings – run.

Responsible psychics always ask Spirit to give what you most need to know now, and what information will serve your highest good. They may work with or without tools while connecting with the Divine in order to help you achieve what you most need.

The Different Kinds of Psychics

Let’s look at different types of psychics:

Empaths are highly intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate. They feel deeply for you and they can tap into your feelings as well as those of others involved with you.

Mediums focus on communicating with spirits in the afterlife and can create a bridge for you to connect with your loved ones on the other side.

Clairvoyants receive intuitive insights through visual mental images using their third eye. They often receive flashes of intuition, seeing forms of colors, words, symbols, and images.

Clairaudients obtain intuitive information through hearing. They receive messages of wisdom and knowledge from Spirit via their inner and outer hearing.

Clairsentients sense and feel subtle energies with their body. They literally feel impressions from Spirit physically. They perceive information in your energy field.

Dream Analysis psychics accurately interpret your dream messages, whether they are emotion-processing dreams or messages from Spirit, deceased loved ones, or your higher self.

Remote Viewing psychics listen with their minds as they intuitively receive messages about objects, people, or places across time and space. They can help locate missing things.

Channeling psychics help you connect to spirits in other realms by allowing their consciousness to leave their body and letting Spirit take them over like a vessel to express itself through them.

Automatic Writing psychics move past their conscious mind while writing in a stream of consciousness to allow psychic information to come through from Spirit.

Psychic Readings are Led by You

Readers will often confirm what you already sense is true. But when they don’t give you the answer you are hoping to hear, that’s when you may decide to make some life changes so you can achieve what you most desire. Your own free will is the deciding factor. You are in control of which path you decide to take.

If you want a good reading, it comes down to your having a sincere heart and a true need to make a connection. That’s when the truth is unblocked and flows most powerfully, and you’ll know the truth when you hear it.

If you want a reading, California Psychics is the right place to go. All of their psychics are real and genuine, and they will help you find your way to where you truly need to be.

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