An Amazing Psychic Encounter

Check Out This Incredible Psychic Story of Hope and Compassion

I have met many amazing people on my journey though life, and I would like to share one of these experiences with you.

My local supermarket regularly has various people collecting for charities adopt and cat or dog switch cable suppliers, etc. There is always somebody there doing their job—and then there is Jim.

Jim is a very spritely gentleman at the ripe old age of 86. He’s always very smartly dressed in his crisp clean white shirt and tie jacket and trousers not matter what the weather is like, cold or cold always precise and clean.

Once a month, Jim arrives with his wee portable seat and proudly takes his place by the front door. With him is his collection tin for Erskine. This is a fundraiser for a residential nursing, respite center and dementia care rehabilitation center for war veterans—an amazing place that has been taking care of war veterans for many years.

Month after month, Jim would turn up on his collection day—always very smart, always very polite to everyone who made the time to stop and give a small donation. Most of the shoppers would just walk past him in a hurry with their overloaded trollies filled with food and goodies. They probably never even noticed Jim sitting there to be honest, but Jim would still give them a smile as they passed by.

Each month I would look for Jim and stop to have a chat with him. I found his stories from the past fascinating—what he had been through made him a true hero in my eyes, and very inspirational man. He would sit there from early morning till late in the evening, never complaining.

We had a really, really bad winter one year with lots of snow and ice. I found it very hard to travel around, nevermind how older folk felt. I went to my local supermarket, and to my surprise there was Jim, clean as a whistle, and still as chirpy—although he looked frozen and a bit frail.

I asked why he’d ventured out in this awful weather. “It’s my duty,” he replied with a beaming, very proud smile. So I went back into the supermarket, brought a blanket, went to the cafeteria and bought a cup of coffee and some cakes. I approached Jim and handed over the goodies.

“Why have you done this?” he asked. My reply: “It’s my duty as a human being to help a man that has fought for his country and is still battling the elements to help other veterans.” He smiled sweetly and took the gifts, looking warm and comfy for his long day ahead.

The moral of this story: It’s nice to give a little to those who have given so much for us.

3 thoughts on “An Amazing Psychic Encounter

  1. Jaylee

    This was a wonderful story, it really touched my heart! I am grateful to all the solders who fought for our freedom. They left their homes and families with bravery, pride to go to a far away land where they are met with hostility, gun shots and bombs! They did this so we can have freedom they did it unselfishly, showing their pride and duty for the United States! Some of them lost their lives serving our country, others returned broken! To protect our country! we now see them homeless, their minds forever damaged at the horror they seen they served us, so isn’t it our duty to serve them ? It is shameful and selfish to see them still fighting for freedom. More people need to open up their eyes and give back to them what they so freely did for us! Wake Up People, without their sacrifice we would not have our freedom now!!!

  2. suzanne

    I have to agree with Gina Rose this really did put a smile on my face. I love reading stories like this.
    Thank You!
    Suzanne Mofatt

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Reading this brightened up my day and put a smile on my face.

    One can never get enough of these stories in this day and age of chaos and turmoil.

    And speaking of good Karma…when I died and crossed over twice, I learned that it was these simple acts of kindness performed, on this earthly plane, that matter the most .

    So Thank You, Tabitha, for sharing your story with us.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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