You’re Tougher Than This

You are Tougher Than You Know!

Life can throw some big punches, and if we’re not careful to keep things in perspective and focus on the positive, these blows can leave us feeling hopeless and helpless. The key is to always have faith in your potential to make it through, no matter the challenge. While it may be easy to give up during your darkest hours, remember that the human spirit is amazingly resilient and that you are tougher than you think!

Accept Your Past, but Don’t Live There

It has been said that you can allow the past to make you bitter or better. Accept the past and learn from it, but don’t live there. Regardless of your failings, it does no good to dwell on them; it just perpetuates the state you were in when the failure occurred. Use your past experiences to strengthen your spirit. No matter what you’ve gone through, you have gained strength and wisdom from the experience. It had made you tougher. Learn to recognize and tap into that strength to aid you in your next life challenge, whatever that may be!

Simplify Your Thinking

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by life and get bogged down by the daunting details. When you begin to feel this way, simplify your thinking! If we ponder and obsess over problems, we create negative thought cycles that can be difficult to see through or move out of. That make us feel mentally and physically exhausted. So clear your head! You’ll be amazed at how easily you will see what has been obvious all along. Your mind has all of the necessary capacity and strength to think your way through any obstacle if you just free up some space and allow it to do so. Thinking your way through obstacles makes you tougher!

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Embrace Your Vulnerability

When you accept your weaknesses, they lose their power over you. You break free from self-hate and can begin working on those weaknesses. No one is free from imperfection, so stop feeling sorry for yourself or using your imperfections as an excuse to not succeed in life! You are tough enough to get yourself through your current challenges. When you embrace your vulnerabilities, your fear of them lessens and you are free to conquer them and anything else that comes your way.

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The Power of Positive Thought

Switching your thought process from negative to positive takes work and discipline. Like any action, however, habit is born through repetition. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, stop immediately and counterattack that thought with an opposite and positive one. This will retrain your way of thinking. The only way you will believe you are tougher than your challenging circumstance is by thinking you’re tough and living as if you were tough. We can talk ourselves in or out of anything, so make sure you are giving yourself the right messages. And remember, you are tougher than any challenge that life can throw your way!

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4 thoughts on “You’re Tougher Than This

  1. Deb Uthe

    I hate Gary and what he has put me through the last couple of months, liar, cheater, selfish bastard! Hope karma bites him big time… for me time to pull my head out and move on!!! I will print this and read it over and over.

  2. Minnie Springs

    This week I feel as though I am on a high I am cleaning like I have never cleaned my house before. How do I keep this high? I have had more downers all year I want to pull out of this and find true love for the rest of my life I mean true love someone that adores me. I have been scammed several times out of my account how do I climb back up without using a lot of money? Thank you!


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