Your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope for October 2013

Use the Lunar Eclipse for Course Correction

In astrology, the Full Moon is a day when things come to a head. But, approximately twice a year, we experience a Lunar Eclipse. What does it mean? While every Full Moon brings a four-week cycle to a climax, the Lunar Eclipse is hyper-charged specifically to help us all course correct on a larger scale. Whatever your stuff is, it hits the fan, leaving you with a tabula rasa… Will this blank slate find you energized or depleted? That is the question.

Fortunately, the answer is simply a matter of how you handle whatever transpires. On that note, in order to make the most of this eclipse (which occurs on October 18), there are two things everyone needs to know, regardless of location or individual natal chart.

It’s All About Balance

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are perfectly aligned. On October 18 (the day of the eclipse) The Sun is in Libra (sign of the scales and lover of fairness, balance and harmony) while the Moon is in Aries (sign of the warrior and the taker of initiative, prisoners and whatever else he so desires)!

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals.” – Psychic Sonja ext. 5071

Why does this matter? Eclipses are all about yin and yang, shadows and light, masculine and feminine. There is a duality that exists in each of us and both sides must be considered. Your heart and mind must be fed. You can be both spiritually and sexually connected. You can have fun while contemplating serious subjects. In other words, nothing is black or white. Rather, they’re a bit of both, and you’d be best served taking this outlook when considering a course of action in relation to whatever comes up for you around this time. On that note—

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You Can’t Run From Your Feelings

Designed specifically to force our feelings to the surface, this Lunar Eclipse in Aries is bound to get you riled up… and it’s been a long time coming. As such, the harder you try to fight it, the worse it will be for you. Rather than attempting to avoid whatever pleasant, unpleasant or indifferent emotion that surfaces, you must face things head on with a curious eye if you want to experience the promised transformation. Aries is an initiator and Libra a negotiator. So, pause for a moment and consider your course before leaping on it. Whatever it is that landed you at this point has served you well, but it may have also served its course.

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15 thoughts on “Your Lunar Eclipse Horoscope for October 2013

  1. marios

    Better at the homefront but really and extreamly “worse”at work! it was a good time to put things straight betwin myself and the big boss .very big arguments ,resulding the boss to apologise but still having the upper hand and cutting my salary by E5 per day due to economy “crises”nonses ! thats every employers excuse nowdays!!cutting wages , bonuses, 13th cheuqe, and even 14thcheuqe bonuses been a hotelworking with a capriconian i m a workolcoholic ,been patient,passionate but hahing my goals and i m very persistant to achive the most even at the age of 70 . i meditate ,use intuition ,vision ,patience and perserverense .please keep trying n dont quit thats my advice to every reader!!!!!!!love mario

  2. Uthe

    I have experienced so many life changing events during this Lunar eclipse that my head will be spinning for the next 6 months… boyfriend of 12 years left me… lost my job… had massive heart attack! But I am hanging in there!

  3. LJ

    Hey Susan – that would be Cainer. And since astrology is an interpretive art, you have to give both astrologers their due – I follow both Quinn and Cainer and they both have valuable insights into astrological happenings and each of them has been doing this for about the same amount of time. It’s nice to be nice :).

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent Lunar eclipse forecast, S.K. Smith!

    I’ve tracked eclipses for over 30 years , ( a hobby of mine ), and eclipses always mean change …sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Think of it as a kind of life path GPS adjustment or course corrector….until the next eclipse comes along.

    Regular full moons can be felt up to 3 days before and after they occur.

    But an eclipse, either Solar or Lunar can be felt up to 3 weeks before and after they occur.

    A Lunar eclipse is a 1,000 times more powerful than any regular full moon.

    We are currently in the 3 week before and after ” shadow period ” of this Lunar eclipse.
    With another 3 weeks to go as it winds on down.

    This is a Lunar eclipse of the moon therefore it will affect your emotions. It s in the sign of Aries , a fire sign.

    If you are a people watcher, observe people now and for the next 3 weeks.
    ( And Mercury going retrograde won’t help matters either…lol.)

    The theme of this lunar eclipse is all about maintaining balance and staying grounded.

    People will have short trigger tempers now, things like road rage will increase now. People will be very short on patience now.

    So it will be especially important to look before you leap, and think, or breathe deeply and count to ten before you speak.

    But remember that even though eclipses bring change that they are not always a bad thing, and sometimes can usher in changes that is good…and get things moving along nicely.

  5. David Heft

    I have met a woman who has rocketed me into a dimension I have never know and what you have said about the eclipse is seemingly so true.

  6. Susan

    Whoever writes these needs to read Jonathan Crainer’s horoscopes. Perhaps too, they should point the advice at themselves for once.


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